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Santa CristinaCasasole Orvieto Classico DOC Amabile 2019

Orvieto DOC Classico Amabile


Winter weather trends were mild and sunny while spring saw lower than average temperatures and frequent rain showers. These climatic conditions persisted up until the end of May and slowed down vine growth causing a delay of approximately 10 days compared to seasonal averages. Summer months were dominated by hot dry weather, with no heat spikes, allowing an optimal beginning to the ripening phase. Temperature fluctuations between day and night produced grape clusters that were healthy and generous in aromatic compounds. Grechetto and Procanico grapes were harvested starting from the 20thth of September, several days later than previous years ’harvests.

Harvested grapes were destemmed and delicately pressed. The must was cooled to a temperature of approximately 10 ° C (50 ° F) to facilitate natural clarification. Alcoholic fermentation, which took place in stainless steel vats at a temperature that did not exceed 18 ° C (64.4 ° F), was halted by a sudden drop in the temperature (down to 0 ° C / 32 ° F) to preserve the wine's natural residual sugars. Casasole was filtered and kept at a low temperature up until bottling.


Residual Sugar
33 grams per liter (4%)

Historical data
The historic town of Cortona sits high on a Tuscan hillside not too far from Siena and Perugia. On one side, a vast plain extends in the distance while on the other side the medieval village is set in the hillside. This is the captivating panorama surrounding the Santa Cristina Winery, established in 2006 to strengthen and renew the tradition of crafting its eponymous wine, almost 70 years after its first vintage. Over time, Santa Cristina has become a reference point for winemaking experts as well as wine enthusiasts due to our continual commitment to achieving the finest quality. Our diligent vineyard practices and cellar operations have always given us the drive to continue with innovation and research in exploring indigenous as well as international grape varieties. Our wines are original yet highly distinguishable for their unmistakable artisanal style, the result of a strong connection between the vineyards, terroir and man’s perseverance and passion. Casasole is an expression of Orvieto’s classic winemaking traditions; wines from this papal city were sent to ecclesiastical dignitaries and noblemen in Rome. It differs from Orvieto Classico and Campogrande due to its light and natural residual sugars making it slightly sweet on the palate.

Tasting Notes
Casasole is light straw yellow in color. Its intense nose offers aromas of golden apples, bananas, and orange zest, typical of the Procanico and Grechetto grape varieties. The palate is slightly sweet sustained by excellent freshness that makes it extremely pleasing to drink.