Ermeto screw connection 22mm is like many inches

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Metric and imperial screw connections in our range are specially tailored to the increasing requirements in industry, mobile hydraulics and pneumatics. In particular, High Tech Diving has placed the focus of the range on the components for the construction and repair of high pressure pipelines in the service for breathing air compressors and filling systems. This means that the range is optimally tailored to diving and paintball for generating, storing and filling compressed air. The multitude of connections and threads on the market make non-metric screw connections (thread adapters) indispensable helpers in all industrial sectors. High Tech Diving offers a complete range of screw connections and screwed sockets in steel and brass for the repair and expansion of existing and newly constructed compressed air systems and compressed air filling systems. A large selection of inch screw connections and thread adapters makes us a specialist for replacement and repair needs for breathing air compressors, memory banks, fire brigade filling strips, industrial systems, gas filling stations and overflow hoses. We have screw connections and adapters with all the usual connections and screw connections for compressed air supply at 200 and 300 bar operating pressure from our own production and as commercial goods ready for you.

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Straight screw connection, G1 / 8 "conical (imperial) on Ermeto cutting ring screw connection L06. Cutting ring screw connections are differentiated into light and heavy versions. Here the light cutting ring screw connection for 6mm high pressure pipe.

Manometer connection screw connection MAV with R1 / 4 "internal thread on Ermete compression ring screw connection L10. Suitable for 10mm tube light version, for manometer with R1 / 4" connection thread - The connection screw connection with sealing edge ring can be used for a max. Operating pressure of 315bar.
Straight screw connection Ermeto GE-S10-R1 / 4 "external thread, for connecting inch threads with cutting ring screw connections Ermeto S10 = 10 mm high pressure or stainless steel pipe.

Elbow screw connection Ermeto L06. Screw connection light version for 6mm high pressure pipe. Ermeto screw connections are cutting ring screw connections that are pressed onto the pipe by means of a metal ring, which is pressed onto the pipe when the internal nut is tightened. This creates a metallic seal.

Ermeto double nut S08, straight connection with 24 ° sealing cone and O-ring, metric thread M16 x 1.5mm, maximum operating pressure 630bar

from 7.46 EUR unit price 9.95 EUR

Adjustable T-fitting Ermeto L08, compression fitting pre-assembled, metric for 8mm high pressure pipe. Screw connection in the light version for pressures up to 315bar. Cutting ring screw connection for high pressure pipes with 8mm diameter

from 10.83 EUR unit price 12.74 EUR

Straight reducing screw connection with 24 ° sealing cone and O-ring, metric. Reducing screw connection for Ermeto S8 internal thread to S6 external thread with union nut and cutting ring S06.

T-piece Ermeto S08. Adjustable T-fittings S08 are intended for the distribution of 8 mm high pressure pipe. Connection by means of a cutting ring seal.
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