How to cure thaasophobia

How to heal mental wounds

Getting whole is a great way to start, I think. In fact, our western science also knows: you can only become whole when everything becomes whole, body, mind and soul. And vice versa: if one of the three is impaired, so are the other two. So we can ALWAYS take physical complaints as an indication of something emotional that needs to be healed. According to a 30-year study by Louise L. Hay, there is also at least one belief that is (consciously or unconsciously) lived for every physical complaint. And if the belief lives on, the cause lives on, too, right?

And if a physical nuisance is paralyzed, the cause can still be there. She then answers again in the same way or differently. There are also studies to be taken seriously, according to which people keep running to doctors and pharmacies as soon as they have started. Self-healing powers weaken and drugs have a similar function as addictive drugs. Our medicine keeps us alive, but it's not very well geared at keeping us healthy.

We find holistic approaches e.g. in the Huna, the 5000 year old medicine in Hawaii. Huna says that when you are healthy, you live in harmony with yourself and with your environment. So the aim of every healing (and prevention) is to create (and maintain) this harmony. Huna certainly includes methods that are becoming popular again in our time and can also lead to healing when we have already traveled decades from doctor to doctor: Reiki, (EFT forerunner), the power of plants and last but not least Ho`oponopono.

Of course, it also includes accepting what is. If not, we are thinking of a plan or how it should be. And we are fighting, unhappiness and not in harmony with it. And when it is not gone, when covering, displacing, training and programming. Sometimes we accuse ourselves of simply being poorly disciplined. Is it a coincidence that this dominance of analytical thinking lasts for about 350 years, about as long as our modern medicine? And whether we can take study reports seriously, according to which Huna is about (in total) as successful as our expensive medicine and pharmaceutical industry?

Acceptance should then be followed by acceptance, appreciation and love. This is how EFT setups are designed accordingly:

- Even if I should have this pain, I am perfectly fine and I accept and love myself just as I am ...

- Even if loneliness should be a part of my life, I'm still OK. I accept and love myself exactly as I am ...

- Even if I keep having fears, I'm still OK. I accept and love myself exactly as I am ...

LG Richard