How did Axl Rose die

"Axl Rose is dead": Guns N 'Roses frontman victim of a hoax

The fake news about the death of the 59-year-old American singer, which was distributed on Sunday evening via the news service Twitter, provoked a hitherto unprecedented violent reaction from the media. But don't worry, Axl Rose is still in the best of health.

Addendum from 05/17/2021: It seems that the rumor is unfounded. (learn more)

Since Sunday (May 16), a rumor launched on Twitter about the alleged death of Axl Rose has caused heated reactions on social networks.

Global rumor, the Twitter effect

All sorts of information, true and false, are disseminated on the Twitter network. The most banal as the most terrible. Many personalities have already been victims of false death rumors that are spreading like wildfire on the Internet. Yesterday it was Axl Rose who was brought under the ground by a "deadly" tweet.

“Axl Rose has passed away. RIP. "

It all started with this message: “Axl Rose has passed away. RIP. ”, Published on Sunday, May 16, 2021, around 2.15 p.m., on the well-known microblogging site. This rumor immediately starts the machine. An hour later, a second tweet follows: “Axl Rose dead. The relatives confirm. ”The effect of this message was reinforced by the fact that this second tweet referred to the Necropedia page with a link (the corresponding entry, however, says that Axl Rose is not dead).

According to reports, the singer's death was "officially denied" by confidants.

The false news is then immediately spread by some radio stations and other media around the world. It was not until late Sunday evening that the actor's spokesman reportedly came up with a somewhat taciturn statement in which the "death of Axl Rose was officially denied".

A recent poll conducted for the Celebrity Post shows that a large majority (89%) of respondents think those Axl Rose death rumors are not funny anymore.

The fans are reassured. Twitter is a fast information medium, but you have to be more and more vigilant.

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