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Beat dream interpretation

Beating a person is a form of violence against other people that can rightly be fearful. Domestic violence is a very serious problem, and street violence is often characterized by being hit or kicked.

The times when it was considered perfectly normal to beat up one's own children for educational purposes are over in many families - and yet many children still have the regular experience “My father beats me!” Or “My mother hurts me! ". The cane is banned as a punishment in schools these days.

Sometimes children or adolescents beat each other up to assert themselves; adults hit each other in a brawl in a pub. In the most harmless case, someone will only lose a tooth, in the worst case even his life.

Today, beating is no longer considered a means of resolving a conflict. Boxing as a sport is a socially accepted way of giving someone a rub. And in our fantasy we sometimes imagine that we are beating someone up in the ring as a boxer in order to process our anger or frustration.

Hitting can also mean something harmless that is not related to physical violence: for example, you hit some instruments, the timpani or the drums. The individual sticks of the xylophone can be made to sound with so-called “mallets”. If you choose your words carefully and act with gentleness, "One strikes soft notes". Anyone who is sporty beats a wheel on the gymnastics mat. You can also drive nails into the ground with a hammer.

What about blows in our dreams now? What does the dream interpretation say when we beat someone up in a dream? Some dream situations related to beating are dreamed very often - read more about this:

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Dream symbol "hit" - the most common dreams about the symbol

Watching the beat - the dream analysis

If one sees another person strike in his dream, this dream symbol usually stands for an injury to the dreaming. However, this wound is more of a spiritual than physical nature. After waking up from the dream, the beaten should consider whether someone has offended him or attacked him personally recently.

If the person was only the observer of a fight between other dream characters, his injury will soon heal. However, if the dreamer is beaten himself and cannot defend himself, the offenses are deep-seated.

Hit right in the face ... a fight in a dream!

Anyone who slapped a person in the face in a dream is reluctant to show other people in reality what his true being is. The facade is maintained to the outside and only a few friends or family members are allowed to look behind it. The punching in a face in the dream can also indicate that the dreaming has failed so far in the search for himself and is frustrated about it.

Somebody want to beat me up! What your dream means

As soon as the dreaming himself receives blows in his dream experience, a certain person is on his side - because the blow inserted is actually a positive symbol in the dream! The threatened person should think about his professional environment: is there anyone who has supported him and stood up for him? In private life, too, you meet people who mean well with you. One should therefore be grateful.

Dream symbol "hit" - the general interpretation

In general, the dream image of hitting can have very different meanings. Often the dreaming becomes his in this way aggressions process, he tries to force something with the brawl that he believes he cannot do otherwise. So the dreamed hitting can indicate that the dreaming is in an inner conflict with this person.

If the person concerned dreams of hitting a stranger, maybe even several people, this indicates difficulties in the family area or financial problems. The subconscious warns the dreaming by thrashing to keep himself better under control and to give in to his impulses less quickly.

If the dream is about the fact that the dreaming hits his partner or a friend, then this applies in the general dream interpretation as a sign that the relationship with this person will improve (!). The dream of painful knocking thus points to its opposite: Mildness and indulgence are in demand when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

If you hit someone in your sleep out of sadism, for the sheer fun of torturing, you should take a closer look at your environment in the waking world. Because you may be surrounded by bad people. A hysterical person who cries wildly in an argument and lashes out uncontrollably signals a time of new friendships and peace as a dream image, so it shows the exact opposite.

If one dreams of beating a child, then the dream symbol can relate to an actual child, with whom the sleeper in the waking world should deal differently than he has previously done; However, the dream situation of the beaten up child can also mean that a person is shamelessly telling the dreamer exploits.

A boxer's hook in a dream can indicate a mental injury that should be dealt with. Whoever loses a tooth while dreaming of beating, loses prestige and courage in reality. Possibly the dreamer was treated disrespectfully in the waking world, what about his Self esteem has gnawed. It is important here to realize that you are just as valuable as other people.

If one experiences in the dream the so-called "gauntlet run", as it was earlier in the military, the dreaming is contrasted with his self-doubts. The dream scene, in which several soldiers hit another with sticks, urges you to calmly trust yourself more - even if you could make a mistake.

Killing insects such as flies or mosquitoes with a fly swatter in a dream can illustrate the preoccupation with insignificant problems.

Dream symbol "hit" - the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream image can be "hit" in two different directions, the interpretation depends on the respective living conditions of the dreaming and his psychological state:

On the one hand, the blows and the violence in the dream stand for the unconditional and probably exaggerated will to enforce a certain thing. The dreaming wants "With the head through the wall" and takes too little consideration on others. This can also be the case if you are part of a bullying crowd while you sleep.

On the other hand, the dreamed knockdown can also be for a healthy one Assertiveness stand in the waking world. Perhaps the sleeper has so far withdrawn and it is now time for them to pursue their own interests more forcefully.

Dream symbol "hit" - the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of the dream interpretation, the getting ready and beating on a person means that the dreaming himself one mental agonycarrying a great deal of pain.

If you experience yourself as a dreamer (or dreamer!) As an aggressive man in a dream, who gives someone a strong "rubdown", then, according to a spiritual view, this is an expression of your own characteristics: The sleeper has a large one Assertiveness, about self-confidence and dominance.