How to stop wearing panty liners every day

From what age do you wear panty liners? When should you wear panty liners?

Most girls get their first period between the ages of 11 and 13, and you may get yours when you are 9 or 16. Everyone has their own internal clock and yours is different from the others. So, even if you may think you will never get your period, it will eventually happen! How can you tell she's coming soon? Look out for these signs.

Is it unhealthy to wear panty liners every day?

Many young girls and women wear them every day - panty liners. But are they really necessary? Is it healthy to wear panty liners every day and what should you watch out for so that infections are not an easy task?

Why do you wear panty liners?

They come in all possible sizes, materials and designs - panty liners. For a variety of reasons, women use the wafer-thin insoles that promise safety and hygiene.

At what age do you wear panty liners?

Women wear panty liners because they ...

.. feel cleaner and safer with it.
.. dislike the feeling of discharge in underwear.
.. want to protect their panties from damp stains.
.. feeling insecure in the days leading up to your period.
.. like to have additional protection when wearing tampons.
.. use it to collect the menstrual blood on the lighter days of your period.

But is it even healthy to wear panty liners every day?

Use panty liners every day - yes or no?
Opinions are divided as to whether panty liners can be used every day or not. Basically, it can be said that nothing speaks against regular use, provided that you pay attention to a few things. If you reach for unsuitable items or if panty liners are used incorrectly, this can promote the development of infections. Is it unhealthy to wear panty liners every day? Not a nice thought! To prevent this from happening, we have summarized the most important dos & don'ts when using panty liners for you.

Use panty liners correctly: Dos & Don’ts

  • Panty liners should definitely be changed regularly. If you are prone to fungal infections, then all the more often!
    The correct fit and size of the panty liner is important. Make sure that the insert fits perfectly. Otherwise, rubbing can cause skin irritation, which promotes infections.
  • The panty liner should be breathable and at the same time conduct moisture inwards. Also, avoid inserts with plastic sheeting.
  • Make sure that the panty liners are fragrance-free. Added fragrances can cause irritation and allergies.
  • The panty liners must be dermatologically tested. You make a good choice with ecological panty liners. These are guaranteed to be free of harmful substances and also biodegradable. Unfortunately, this is noticeable in the slightly higher price.
  • If skin irritation occurs, do not wear panty liners until they have subsided.
  • Dispose of used panty liners correctly: in the residual waste, not in the toilet!

How often do panty liners change?

Even if some manufacturers advertise that their panty liners only need to be changed once a day - it is not advisable! Despite the absorbent surface, discharge and sweat can cause a warm, humid environment that promotes infections. Some gynecologists even advise against the daily use of panty liners.

In any case, you will be safe if you change the panty liner every 4-6 hours. If you are prone to vaginal thrush, then even more often!

Panty liners after childbirth

Conventional panty liners are not suitable to absorb the rather strong weekly flow. In addition, synthetic ingredients favor infections after birth, which should be avoided at all costs. It is best to use pads and pads especially for women who have recently given birth.

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At what age do you wear panty liners?