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Password: Is it important to change it regularly?

To the safe internet surfing belong among others Passwords, also called passwords, which have special characteristics and meet certain requirements. Also recommend Experts | also often that Change your password regularly. But what does that actually mean?

Is it really safer with User accounts the password to change regularly? And if so, how should they? account owner best proceed here? In this context, many Internet users often ask themselves which one Passwords are subject to this change rule. The following guide takes a closer look at when you are on the Internet Change your password frequently and how you should go about it.

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Computers, e-mail, banking, online shopping: passwords for protection

Both at the private surfing as well as the Use of the Internet in companies stands the security in the foreground. Sensitive data must not fall into the hands of unauthorized persons. In addition to personal information, credit card data and the content on computers or in e-mails, this also includes those associated with the respective user accounts Passwords.

The existence password Should be changed every few months is part of everyday life for many. In some companies there are also instructions, regularly all of them Passwords to change. But does that even contribute to safety?

The Federal Ministry for Information Security (BSI) recommends a password, then change if the Suspicion consists that this Information stolen were. This means, regularly for an account that password Changing is helpful if the network or service provider has already done so Victim of an attack has become. In such a case, if you change your password, you will lock attacker so over and over again.

In principle, however, it does not matter when a password was newly created or changed if a attack happens. If the data is in the wrong hands, it doesn't matter whether the password is one day or seven months old.

A password however, should be some conditions meet so that Risk of decryption is kept as low as possible. Usually are Special characters, numbers, letters, upper and lower case and a minimum length Points that users should consider when choosing a password.

Meet the chosen Combinations Not these requirements, you should think about your password to change. If it is difficult to find a suitable combination, for example so-called Password generators Generate passwords arbitrarily, which is good for security.

Important to know: In companies where there is an order that Change your account or email password, users often choose similar combinations because they are easier to remember. However, this in turn increases that Risk of decryption. Also here are randomly generated passwords as well as a Password management to recommend.

Change or reset password: When it makes sense

As already described, only then does it really make sense Change passwordif the data has been stolen or an attack has taken place. Even if the Passwords seem unsure, users should consider this Change Password.

Becomes known that Data stolen it should be a matter of course for everyone to be in the user account Change password or reset to default allow. Everyone Online service usually offers this option. Then when you are at it, in your e-mail account the Change password, you should possibly everyone else check important accounts or adapt and update the data immediately.

Furthermore, users should not only find theirs on the web Change insecure password, but also on the computer or in the network (e.g. the WLAN key). The Computer password changing can be very important in companies, especially if several users use the computer and the accounts have to be secured.

A regular changing of the access data however, it usually does not affect how often data is stolen and networks are hacked. Therefore, a sequence of two to three months, which is often defined as a period, does not provide any additional security.

How can I change my password?

When it comes to a Change password or to make it safer, the question is "How can you change your password?" mostly the focus. Depending on where your Change Password you have to proceed differently.

The different operating systems to have different menus and user interfacesso that users always to inform need to like them one Change the password on the PC or you can create it first.

It looks similar with the different service providers on the internet. Each platform has its own path when it comes to one Change password. For some, users receive a Email with a confirmation link, with others you have to additionally Verification codes enter or a confirmation to a stored Secondary email address send. The forms and ways, a Change password, can be varied.

Read the Help pages or the FAQs well before you arbitrarily yours Change Password. Furthermore, a Password manager with a Password generator used to be a password safe to design and to change for the various services and platforms.

Conclusion: changing the password should be well thought out

  • A password changing them regularly does not increase security. Secure passwords to create is far more useful here.
  • The Computer or email password changing is recommended if the data has been stolen.
  • After an attack, you should be for any account and any email address the Change Password.
  • A so-called Two-way authentication can make logging in online more secure.
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Password: Is it important to change it regularly?
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