Motivation intensity refers to how

on it

  • a saucepan with a lid on it
  • I am very curious to know who ...
  • we will come back to this later

Hyphenation in connection with verbs when the main accent is on the verb:

  • on itouchen that ...
  • on it eggnotify that ...
  • it on it ahave laid down
  • everything on it fOwill lie

Compilation in connection with verbs, if the main accent is "on it":

  • a clothouchclean
  • be carefulouchf set
  • you can present yourselfouchf place

Occasionally, different accents are possible:

  • I'm just not keen on itOmmen or representouchcame (it didn't occur to me)
  • the letter and the daup fOlegendor representouchThe following correspondence
  • am darouchffollowingor daup fOcurrent day D 58

See also on it, etc.