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Submitted by surfymuzz on Fri, 2018-11-09 15:40

Hey guys im currently looking at this boat with a 140 4 stroke on the back. its the 88/89 model i believe with the inbuilt fuel tank and also kill tank at the back. Im wanting to know peoples thoughts on these boats. Iv been loving my 16ft baron but its super tippy when im trying to line fish. Very good as a dive boat though. Im looking to upgrade to a 18 / 19ft boat as im 6'4 and 110 kgs. would also love to go out fishing with 3 or dive with 4 people.

Can anyone give me some feedback on these dominators? i have heard they ride well but the back end looks flat and im worried its not going to be the best riding boat in our Perth conditions.

Are they really THAT bad or are they are pretty wicked all round boat?

The hulls in original condition but the bloke reckons its rock solid and you could jump up and down on the deck and it wouldnt move.

Would love some feedback!

Budgets about 20-25k so also looking at other options with 4 strokes.


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