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New brand identity for The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton, the US hotel chain belonging to the Marriott Group, has given itself a new brand identity. After a decade of change within the hotel chain, it is time to also adapt the lion's crown logo in order to give the luxury brand Ritz-Carlton a new expression against the background of a new generation of hotel guests.

For the first time in 32 years, the Ritz-Carlton logo changes. The figurative mark, a combination of a British royal crown and representation of a lion, was originally created by César Ritz, the Swiss hotelier and founder of the “Hotel Ritz”. The company has changed noticeably over the past ten years. New quality standards have been set and new service offers have been introduced. In the USA, for example, they are now the largest provider in the luxury spa sector. The design strategy was adapted accordingly.

The now simplified logo reinforces the claim of the luxury brand, expresses it more clearly and in a simplified manner. In addition to the revision of the logo, the color concept has also been readjusted. Light blue is the hotel chain's new primary color. Abbott Miller, partner at Pentagram, was responsible for the redesign

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