How to stitch a rabbit face

How to embroider names

The first thing you need to do to embroider a name on a garment , the font will be , ie the type of letter you will use to stamp the name on the garment by embroidery.

To choose the letters you want to stitch, you can search in sample magazines or directly from your computer to press .

Next you should with a pencil name you on the fabric of clothing will embroider that you will use as a guide to draw .


The next step will be the thread in the specific needle to embroider, that is, to thread. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, although you can combine a few into one, as we recommend that you buy yarn of different colors so you can choose the one you like the most as the price is affordable.

And now you can start embroidering by passing the needle under the fabric, just on Beginning of the first letter of the name you want to embroider.

You should leave a small gap between the stitch and the stitch and enter the needle on the right side of the fabric you are embroidering on.

Repeat these steps, using as a reference the stroke of the letter you drew earlier.

When you have a full embroidered letter that you need to finish on the back of the fabric, go to the next letter without cutting the thread (which is hidden under the fabric).

When you have finished embroidering all the letters of the name, make a knot in the thread with the help of the needle to avoid undoing what you have embroidered.

In the end cut off the excess thread and you will have your hand-embroidered letters ready.

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