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Doug Dunne

Facts from Doug Dunne

Full name: Doug Dunne
Gender: Male
Country: America
wifeJill Bauer
Eye colorbrown
Hair colorbrown
childrenTrevor Dunne, Kylie
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Doug Dunne stepped into the media spotlight as the husband of famous QVC host Jill Bauer. His wife is a Hearst and SPJ journalist, documentary filmmaker and non-fiction author.


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What does Doug Dunne do for a living?

Doug Dunne worked as a business development on the TV shopping channels, according to the Linkedin website. For a living he worked as an agent for QVC products and sellers. Doug has yet to officially confirm this job. He had a successful career in software sales. He also represented some of the world's leading technology companies.

Likewise, he lives a luxurious life on his earnings. He's also made a name for himself as a celebrity husband without doing anything. His wife Jill has earned tremendous worth through his professional career too. So he lives a luxurious life from his wife, who also deserves it.

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Doug Dunne Net Worth and Salary

Doug's wife, Jill, has made a decent fortune from her professional career. She worked as a television presenter and anchored herself with QVC. It is a television and network shopping channel focused on television on television and owned by the Qurate Retail Group.

The QVC network is a shopping channel that contains the online facilities of various devices including jewelry, fashion items, electronics, and more. According to bizfluent.com, the maximum salary amount that the QVC host will receive is $ 500,000 per year.

So she could get the same wages from her work. The average salary of the host at QVC is $ 47,026 per year differs depending on the location. We can say that her fortune is in the millions she has earned through her professional activities. She lives a luxurious life with her family.

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Doug Dunne married his wife Jill

Doug Dunne is happily married to his wife Jill Bauer. Jill is Doug Dunne's second wife. After divorcing his first wife, he began dating Jill Bauer. He shared a daughter Kylie from his first wife. She also has a good relationship with her stepdaughter, Kylie. The details of his first wife are missing.

Doug Dunne exchanged vows with his spouse in an intimate ceremony on October 18, 2003. However, she never changed her last name despite marrying her husband Doug Dunne. According to Jill, they met on the QVC network.

From their married life, the couple welcomed their first son Trevor Dunne. They welcomed their first child after a year of marriage. Similarly, his husband Jill announced the news of their second pregnancy in 2014. Unfortunately, she announced that she had an unfortunate miscarriage after four weeks. Despite the news of her miscarriage, the family of four lives happily together.

Who is his wife

Doug Dunne's wife, Jill, is a Hearst and SPJ journalist, documentary filmmaker, and non-fiction writer. She has also worked in two documentaries, Sexy Baby 2012 and Hot Girls Wanted 2015, directed by Bauer and Ronna Gradus.

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His wife, Jill, is the author of a non-fiction book entitled From 'I'm Doing' to 'I'm Going to Sue': A Disrespectful Compendium for Divorce Survivors. At the Traverse City Film Festival 2012, the film Sexy Baby was awarded the founder's prize for the best film for the first time by a director.

Then her other film, Hot Girls Wanted, was nominated for a Primetime Emmy and Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015.

Retire from your job

In June 2019 she announced that she would be leaving the network after several years of work. She confirmed the sad news of her departure on April 21, 2019 via Instagram video. She decided to retire from her job at QVC.

At QVC she has a wonderful 25 years of experience in the network. Jill also enjoyed the magic of new beginnings in her life.