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How to highlight your skin without a highlighter

There has never been a time when a highlighter was not an essential part of our daily beauty ritual. After all, you can't bring your A-game if your skin isn't incandescent even after a perfectly applied concealer and eyeliner.


If highlighter is your floating product, try these 13 products without highlighter.

Using foundation and eye shadow can set up your makeup ritual along with other beauty workouts to highlight your skin in no time. We guarantee that every product you need is already in your cosmetic bag. Isn't that exciting?

So let's get started!

How to highlight skin when you don't have a highlighter?

Don't stress anymore. There are plenty of alternatives. Check out below:

1. Can you use eyeshadow as a highlighter?

Shimmery powder eyeshadows can work amazingly for adding radiation to dry skin. But cream formulas will work on all skin types as they tend to absorb into the skin and create a smooth finish.

The ideal shades are champagne, gold, and peach colors. And they can be applied to the cheekbones, inner corner of the eye, eyebrowbones, and Cupid's arch with clean fingertips.

If you're looking for a powder formula, we recommend 009 Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mono Eyeshadow. And for a cream option, we recommend Clinique Chubby Shadow Tint for Eyes in Grandest Gold and Maybelline New York Color Tattoo in Barely Branded.


2.Use Vaseline for Instant Glow:

If you're more of a cream-and-liquid type of girl than powder, then petroleum jelly may be ideal for you. The product works amazingly as a dewy, shiny replacement.

3. Dab lip gloss on cheeks:

If you have a clear shine around then use it to your advantage, especially when you run out of highlighter pens. This will give you a similar wet and shiny finish. Pop it on your finger first. Then lightly pat your cheekbones. If you want to define your lips, wear matte lipstick. The contrast will really make it pop!

4. Can you use concealer as a highlighter?

Do you have a concealer that is two to three shades lighter than your skin tone? Good for you because it lets you highlight your skin. Apply the concealer, but this time on the cheeks.
Dab extra on the inner corner of the eye. It will create a natural, sun kissed finish!


5. Radiation Infusion Primer:

When you're done with your makeup, apply a shiny, silicone-based foundation for a soft sheen. This can result in a subtle shine and a natural makeup look.
Choose a primer that is necessary to improve radiance. Mix in a bit in normal areas like cheekbones, bridge of your nose and indulge in your mother-of-pearl complexion!

6. Loose glitter:

For a little party look, apply a pinch of fine shimmer powder. Dab petroleum jelly on your cheekbones and dust glitter on top for shimmery skin.

7.Shimmer lipstick:

Just like your red or pink lipstick can double up as a blush, your shimmery lipsticks can also be used as highlighter pens. Simply apply a variety of shimmering lipsticks to your face and you're done.


8. Shimmer Body Bar:

Try one of the Lush Shimmer Body Bars to highlight your face.


9.DIY highlighter:

It's deceptively easy to make your own highlighter. This can really help you save money as well as time. To create your highlighter, you will need moisturizer, loose powder, container, and spatula. Add two or three dashes of moisturizer to a clean container and add loose powder. Mix it well. Repeat the process if you want a thicker consistency. And there you have it, your own highlighter!

10. Glitter hairspray:

This is not recommended for everyday use, but you can use shimmer hairspray instead of highlighter. This can also help set your makeup and highlight your best features.

11. Glitter Lip Smacker:

Lip smackers are a reminder of our childhood makeup. If you're lucky enough to have another shimmery one, put it to use and rub it on your face.

12. Face oil:

Try putting a few drops of foundation on the face oil and applying it all over your face. This not only keeps the skin fresh and fresh, but also protects it from the cold winds.

Or, for a more precise highlight, rub a drop between your fingertips before gently pressing on the skin after applying makeup.

13. Moisturizer:

The wrong moisturizer can make your skin look shiny in the wrong areas. But when you use the same moisturizer sparingly on your best features, it suddenly makes your face stand out. All you need is a little bit of moisturizer to create a shine. For the final step, apply a little moisturizer foundation by dabbing it on your cheekbones. This can also give your skin a double dose of moisture.

These are the best beauty product alternatives to go for if you don't have a highlighter. We hope these products can increase your shine. It goes without saying that this can also give your skin a double dose of moisture. Do you have an opinion on that? If so, drop us a comment below