Good morning wishes for WhatsApp

Good morning greetings and pictures

Everyone likes to start the day with a loving greeting. If you want to wish a friend, girlfriend or work colleague, but also relatives, a good morning, you will find pictures for WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook, texts for short messages and ideas here. Different recipients are addressed, but above all your own partner, of course, because you are sure to think of him or her first when you wake up in the morning. In addition, a few funny good morning sayings are presented with which you can bring a smile to a colleague or friend's face. All of these greetings are free for private use and are welcome to use for non-commercial purposes.

Cute teddy bear wishes good morning

108 112

This cute teddy bear is sitting on a wooden bench in a meadow in the great outdoors and wishes good morning. Such a picture is particularly suitable as a greeting for women, because they will just find the little bear cute.

Gallery with pictures

The following gallery contains almost all the pictures with sayings and wishes that can be found on this page. Leaf through them and find the picture that suits you best. Further down on the page you have the option to share the individual pictures directly on Facebook or to leave your own rating for them.

Cute teddy bear wishes good morning
This cute teddy bear is sitting on a wooden bench in a meadow in the great outdoors and wishes good morning. Such a picture is particularly suitable as a greeting for women, because they will just find the little bear cute.

Romantic good morning greetings

If you want to wish your wife or girlfriend, husband or partner a good morning, you will find the right motifs and formulations here. Of course, you send your sweetheart personal, perhaps a little romantic, morning greetings. So you can show your loved one that you think of them and send them into the day with a good feeling. Many of the sayings also express the love one would like to send to the recipient of the message.

135 142
Hello my sweetheart! I was just thinking of you and imagining how nice it would be to be with you now. Even if I can't really be there, I accompany you in my mind all day. I wish you a good morning and a successful day!
132 134
Every morning without you is kind of stupid. But the joy of seeing you again soon cheers me up again.
127 127
I wish you a wonderful day with lots of sun and a good mood and that you will only meet nice people today who will not get on your nerves!

The best day of your life

116 112

With this saying you can give your boyfriend or girlfriend motivation on the way through the day. The saying goes that you should give the day a chance to be the best of your life. The woman in the picture opens her arms towards the sunrise and walks openly into the next few hours.

155 126
I made up my mind today to do a good deed. That's why I'm trying to put a smile on your face with this lovely message. I think of you and I send you a hug!
124 130
The morning could be a lot nicer if you were with me now. On the other hand, I'm not sure if we would get to work on time or if we had something better planned ...
138 135
I love you my darling and I actually want to wake up next to you every morning. I hope you feel the same way and that we can turn this plan into a reality very soon.
126 133
Good Morning my sweetheart. I wish you a fantastic day full of little adventures and I hope that you will think of me one time or another today. Kiss!
138 136
I woke up today with a smile on my face. I've probably dreamed of you all night!
138 139
The day could start much nicer if I had woken up next to you in the morning. That wasn't possible today, but it's the weekend soon and then I won't let go of you at all. I wish you a good morning and a great day, my darling.
136 138
Did you sleep well my dear? You are the first thing I thought of this morning and you are probably the last thing that crosses my mind before falling asleep. Somehow my thoughts are always with you. I love you!
146 123
I don't want to have to wake up without you tomorrow. Unfortunately that doesn't work today, so I wish you a wonderful morning. I will think of you all day for sure.

Funny good morning wishes

Starting the new day with fun is certainly a good way to be in a good mood and to spread it. A funny saying in the morning can be an impetus to start the day with a smile on your face. For this reason, funny morning greetings via WahtsApp, Instagram or in another message are very popular. You can find such free sayings in the following section.

Animal morning greetings

119 113

This giraffe holds her head at an angle in the picture and wishes everyone a great day. Giraffes are personable and they also look funny from the laundry. Men and women will surely be happy about this greeting for the new morning.

138 148
Morning is definitely coming - whether you set the alarm or not.
139 133
There are two types of people: 1. early risers in a good mood and 2. people who want to shoot early risers in a good mood.
135 125
Sometimes I just want to hit my alarm clock in the morning - but then I remember that it's my cell phone that cost me a few hundred euros.
130 116
I wake up every morning in a good mood - and then I see all these idiots ...
128 135
Everyone wants to be in a good mood in the morning. I could do that too, but only if the morning started after noon.
142 127
Every day brings new opportunities and has the potential to move you forward. But sometimes you get annoyed all day about the missed opportunities from the previous day.

The early bird catches the worm

104 111

This worm has a clever spell on its lips and prompts the recipient of the message to stand up. The picture is in the comic style and the worm is grinning into the picture. It will surely put a little smile on the face of every dear person in the early days.

145 133
I check my account balance every morning. If I find out that I'm not a millionaire, then I go to work.
126 128
I think today has been canceled - you can lie down again and sleep another round.
139 118
The mornings are always wonderful here. The only problem with it is that it happens at such an inconvenient time of the day.
132 141
My brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working when I get up in the morning and hires as soon as I get to the office.
142 134
I just saw the sun smile and thought that must have been the moment you woke up this morning.

Good morning wishes for work colleagues

You can usually see your dear work colleagues 5 days a week, every morning. So it makes sense to wish these people, who have grown dear to you in one way or another, a happy new day. Especially when you are on vacation and your colleagues have to work in the company, you like to send a little nasty morning wishes - preferably around noon to document how long you have slept. For all these purposes you will find the right saying here, but also sweet, nice good morning wishes are presented.

Wishing colleagues the best of luck

108 111

With this meadow full of lucky clover and the saying with which you wish everyone good luck today, you can wish your work colleagues a good morning. The picture is ideal for sending via WhatsApp because it conveys the message so clearly that a quick glance is enough to understand it.

133 141
Hello dear colleagues, I wish you a wonderful good morning and feel a little sorry for having to sit in the office while I'm sipping a cocktail by the pool.
145 129
I wish you a particularly good morning, because you are just my favorite work colleague. Without you it would be absolutely boring here.
145 143
Good morning this morning, I wish I had a good rest!
139 120
If I said I was happy to see you guys this morning, I would be lying. I would much rather be at home in my bed. Nevertheless, I wish you a nice, short day at work.
127 130
I wish you lots of sun and little stress on this beautiful day!
135 138
I woke up today in a good mood and thought to myself that I would like to share this state with you. I send you my best regards to the company!
127 135
Give every morning the chance to be the start of the best day of your life. On a working day the chance is very small, but still there!
140 116
I want to wish you a particularly good morning today. You are great fun to work with.
121 138
Dear department, I wish you all a wonderful, great new day and send you my very best greetings from your vacation.
136 127
I wish all my colleagues a great, successful day. I think of you and look forward to seeing you again soon and creating something with you.
138 121
I have to tell you that I am more happy if I don't have to see you for a day. but still I wish you a good morning and a productive day.

Lots of new opportunities

105 104

The day offers 1000 new opportunities that can be used. This message is brought across with the picture of a person literally greeting the new day with open arms. Before sunrise in a barren landscape, the woman has sat down and enjoys the idyllic scene.

Good morning greetings to friends

You love your friends and wish them well. Of course, this also means that you sometimes think of them and wish them a nice day. Below you will find some sayings for WhatsApp or Instagram, Facebook or another chat that you can send to good friends in front of everyone. These new morning wishes are also free for non-commercial use.

132 144
Hello, I wish you a sunny day that starts with a leisurely morning and ends with an adventurous evening. Just have a lot of fun!
134 122
I immediately thought of you this morning and I keep my fingers crossed that everything is going well.
128 144
Enjoy the day and leave all worries behind you today! Let the sun into your heart this morning and take every chance that presents itself.
133 134
This morning could be the first hours of a day that will turn your life upside down and herald a great future! Go out into the day with an open heart!
137 130
I hope you got out of bed well and full of energy! I wish you a happy new day full of experiences.
129 122
Good morning my favorite person. I wish that you start the day with a delicious breakfast and end it in a good mood.
141 166
I assume that you have just woken up, because the sun is so bright and friendly!
121 123
I wish you a nice morning on a sunny day full of joy and fun.
116 132
Enjoy every day like it's the best of your life. You can start early this morning and take me for a morning walk. Do you have the time and inclination to do so?
129 144
Even if you went to bed grumpy, everything should be fine the next morning. Give the new day a chance that everything will get better!

Good morning with coffee

134 108

With this cup of white coffee you can wish a loved one a good morning. If you can't have a cup of coffee with this man or woman, this New Day greetings picture is the second best option.