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Christmas menus around the globe.

Christmas is around the corner! To shorten the time until then, “Fokus” has put together Christmas menus from other countries. What is on the table in Australia, South Africa or Greenland, for example? A short culinary trip around the world.

Australia: grilling in the sun

The menu on the other side of the earth includes a barbecue and an outdoor party. Far from the high-calorie and winter meal that we know in Europe, people in Australia opt for a summer meal instead. Because in some parts of the island the temperatures are even over 30 degrees! So you meet on the beach or in the parks; You look for mulled wine in vain. The seafood platters have a long tradition as a starter! But the Australians also have their own recipes for meat dishes, such as ham with cloves or chicken in cranberry sauce.

Far from the high-calorie and winter meal that we know in Europe, people in Australia opt for a summer meal instead.

Mostly the main courses are served with cold salads, potatoes, sweet potatoes or pumpkin. Finally, a fruity dessert like Pavlova follows; based on meringue and whipped cream. However, the way of celebrating Christmas is far more than the food on offer that makes this country special! Australia is very cosmopolitan and accordingly the population has many different traditions.

A little anecdote: Some Australians prefer to celebrate Christmas in July, when there is a wintry atmosphere. This means that cozy meals take place inside while snow falls outside.

South Africa

Like in Australia, the food takes place in summer! And here, too, people meet for a barbecue. Fried caterpillars are on the menu! While they can be eaten in different dishes all year round, they are especially fresh in December. It's a luxury dish that's reserved for special occasions like Christmas! Those with sensitive stomachs are better off eating the rest of the food, which is similar to English traditions: turkey, roast beef or suckling pig with raisins, followed by traditional apricot pudding.

Fried caterpillars are on the menu!


This country stands for the most unconventional Christmas party. The festival here has no religious background and is sometimes even confused with Valentine's Day! In addition, those in love are traditionally the only ones who give and receive gifts. In recent years, Christmas has won its way through the voices of European emigrants who were desperate for poultry dishes with a more western flavor. In the course of this, they turned to a well-known fast food company. KFC then reported back with a special Christmas menu. It is now common for entire families to enjoy take-away meals at home.


For a special, unique Christmas, as close to Santa Claus as possible, Greenland is the best choice. Fish and meat are more accessible resources here than fresh fruit and vegetables. They are cooked and then processed into particularly original shapes! «Mattak», for example, is a very popular specialty. This is a raw whale skin that is served in small cubes with the meat. The taste is reminiscent of fresh coconut. On the other hand, it is difficult to say how the «Kiviak» tastes. With a preparation time of seven months, it is a rather unusual dish. In a hollowed-out and then closed opening, the entire body - including the intestines, legs and feathers - of 500 small black and white birds must be marinated for months. At Christmas it's all about: open, serve and enjoy!


Christmas is very important in Mexico - a country that is predominantly Christian. The houses and streets are brightly lit, but there is no turkey or duck on the tables. You won't find any guacamole or tacos either. Among the Christmas dishes you can instead enjoy the hot Pozole soup, which is seasoned with garlic and chilli. This chicken or pork soup is often served with avocado and lime. The main course is a dish that originally comes from Europe: Bacalao - a high-calorie dish made from dried cod, tomatoes and potatoes.

The meal ends with tamales, the traditional papillot. To make it easy, this tender and crispy packaging can accommodate all fantasies: With meat or fish, vegetarian or sweet - whatever your heart desires!


In Belgium, the table curves under chicken nuggets, quiche lorraine, stuffed gooseneck, french fries, coleslaw, fried eggs, bunches of green beans with roasted chestnuts, apple pie and donuts. Everyone can freely choose their favorite dishes. The only non-negotiable point: the 10 kilograms of cheese and cold cuts per person, accompanied by bread - only half a mountain, nothing more.

Wherever Christmas is celebrated - "Fokus" wishes you bon appétit!

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Translation from French Lars Gabriel Meier