Minecraft how to grow choir fruit

Chorus plant

This article covers the plant block. For the bloom, see chorus bloom.
Chorus plants seen from above: left without lateral elevations, right with two flat and two thick lateral elevations

The Chorus plant is the main component of the plant of the same name, which is common on the outer islands in the end.

Properties [edit]

  • Depending on the coordinate at which it is located, the chorus plant looks different on the sides, in that it has no, flat or thick elevations there (see picture). The diameter of the plant without elevations is 816 Block. A flat bump is 116 Block thick, a thick bump 216 Block. The elevations only serve the variety of the appearance, for the connection with other blocks they have no meaning.
  • The chorus plant can only be placed on end stone or on another chorus plant. Chorus plants cannot be placed on the side or under the end stone.
  • You can only hang a chorus plant on the side of a second chorus plant if it is connected to the block below. Otherwise appending is not possible.
  • Chorus plants decay by themselves under the following conditions:
    • A chorus plant without a chorus plant attached to the side will disintegrate if there is neither a chorus plant nor an end stone under it.
    • A chorus plant with at least one laterally attached chorus plant disintegrates if there is neither above nor below it.
  • If a chorus plant disintegrates, all of the chorus plants and flowers connected to it also disintegrate. In order to preserve chorus fruits, it is therefore particularly effective if only the lowest part of the plant is destroyed. If you want to have the flowers too, you have to dismantle them individually beforehand.

Extraction [edit]

Occurrence [edit]

Chorus plants are generated fully grown on the outer islands of the end, mostly between 10 and 16 blocks in size. But there are also some larger specimens. They arise when chorus flowers grow.

Cultivation, growth and harvest

Chorus plants are grown by planting a chorus flower.

They can be destroyed by any tool. But you can, even with the enchantmentCautiousness, cannot be obtained in survival mode. In the inventory of the creative mode, however, chorus plants are available as a placeable block.

Use [edit]

When a chorus plant is destroyed, 0 to 1 chorus fruits are dropped, which serve as food or can be processed into purple blocks.

Block state [edit]

Chorus plantnorth

Indicates the direction in which the chorus plant connects to a neighboring block from its center.

Gallery [edit]

  • Several chorus plants in the end

  • A chorus plant with two flowers: withered on the left, blooming on the right

History [edit]