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You sniffle loudly because your nose is stuffed up. You're laying down comfortably on the couch in your house. You can feel your head aching because you're sick. After a while of wiping your nose, you drift off to sleep, having a nice nap on the couch. When your eyes open again, you feel a strange sensation from your hand, as if it's being held. You look over at it, still a little drowsy, only to find that it is being held. You would recognize that strong hand anywhere because of the robot metal that it's made of. You look up at the face of the owner of the hand. “Good morning, beautiful,” Genos says, smiling. You blush a little, but since you're already red from your fever, it's hard to notice.

“Welcome home,” you reply, squeezing his hand a little. You feel a little better after your rest and you feel even better with Genos here. Even though the metal of his hand is a little cool to the touch, it warms your heart, and makes you feel better. He holds out a small plastic grocery bag. "I bought you some cold medicine, (Y / N), to help you feel better." He opens the bag, takes out the box of medicine, and ejects one of the little caplets into his robot hand. He gingerly grabs the glass he had taken out of the cupboard earlier and held his hand over it. You hear a faint trickling as he pours you a glass of water from his finger. You try to stifle a giggle. You always find it funny when he does that. His robot body is so handy, it seems to have gadgets for everything. He glances back at you after pouring a bit of water in the glass, pinching the pill between two fingers and holding it up to you. "Say‘ aaaah, ’(Y / N)." he says. You open your mouth wide and he tosses the cold medicine in. You close your mouth as he brings the glass of water up to your lips and take a couple of sips, swallowing the pill. You feel it working almost immediately and the combined effect of Genos ’beautiful presence and the medicine help you feel a lot better.

Genos smiles at you warmly, but quickly pops open one of his fingers. You look down and have a hard time suppressing a giggle as a thermometer extends from the stub. “I have to take your temperature,” he says, gesturing for you to raise an arm. You raise the arm closest to him and he sticks the thermometer down the short-sleeved pj shirt you're wearing. You feel the cold glass tickle your skin and giggle a little. "That tickles!" you exclaim with a smile. Your giggles soon turn into coughs, as Genos puts a gentle hand on your back, rubbing it with a worried look on his face. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm okay. Just a coughing fit. " He continues rubbing your back as he takes your temperature, his eyes never leaving your face until he has to look at the thermometer to see your temperature. “103! You need to rest up, (Y / N). I'm glad I got off work early today, I can take care of you now. " "I'm sorry, Genos." You reply shyly, feeling a little bad that he has to take care of you, but also feeling very glad that he's here. "It's never a problem to take care of someone I love," Genos says, embarrassed. You're reminded once again that, even though he's a robot, he can blush. His blushing face is very cute and you find yourself swooning again.

Distracted with thoughts of how handsome Genos is, you zone out and slowly start to drift off to sleep again, nodding off. You wake soon after, your hand still being held, but this time you notice that Genos is asleep as well. He must have been watching over you as you slept. His head is laying on the couch cushion because he's sitting on the floor in front of you. Your heart beats a little faster as you look into his sleeping face. You think he has the face of an angel. You reach down and gently brush some of his hair out of his face, kissing his cold robot forehead. He stirs, opening his black and gold eyes and looking up at you. “Oh, sorry. I fell asleep too. " he says, a little embarrassed. You smile at him. "Don't worry, I was asleep too. Sorry for waking you up. " He smiles and shrugs. "No, it's okay. I'd rather spend time with you while awake anyways. I can't see how beautiful you are when I sleep, after all. " You blush furiously and loudly at the compliment. This time he notices, despite your fever-induced rosy cheeks, but doesn’t say anything about it. You're glad he's not teasing you for it.

"Help me sit up." you ask him. He wraps you in a tender embrace, helping you sit up and lean against the back of the couch instead of laying down. The medicine is kicking in and you feel good enough to sit up. On top of that, you really want Genos to sit beside you so you can rest your head on his robot shoulder. Even though his shoulder is made of robot metal, it’s really comfortable, probably because it’s Genos ’shoulder and you love him and he loves you. You pat the seat beside you, smiling at Genos and gesturing for him to sit beside you. He smiles and does as asked, putting a robot arm around your shoulders. You cuddle closer to him, his cold robot body feeling very nice against your fever-heated body. You lay your head on his comfortable robot shoulder and close your eyes, smiling softly. He hums you a robot tune, brushing hair out of your eyes and kissing you on the cheek as you drift off into sleep again.

You wake up again, Genos no longer beside you, your head propped up on the back of the couch. You raise your head, rubbing your eyes, and look around for him. He’s wearing an apron, mulling about the kitchen. It looked like he was making food. That would explain why he was in the kitchen and wearing an apron. You watched him work for a while, stifling giggles every time tools emerged from his fingers. It smells like he's making eggs and toast, a good, light meal for someone who's feeling sick. You smile fondly and appreciate the sights and smells of Genos ’cooking before he finishes. Once he's done, he brings you the plate. The eggs were your favorite kind; the toast looked like it was toasted perfectly. He puts the plate on your lap, the fork positioned so that you can easily grab it with your dominant hand. “Eat up, (Y / N). It'll help you get better. " You happily comply, chowing down on the food your handsome robot boyfriend gave you. It was delicious. "This is delicious!" you exclaim to him, your smile a bright beaming smile. "That's because it was made with love." hey replies. You both blush as you continue eating awkwardly. "W-well, I love you t-too, idiot." you reply, your face as red as tomato soup.

You finish your plate before long and Genos brings it back to the kitchen and puts in the dishwasher. Soon he comes back and sits on the couch next to you. You're a little sleepy, even though you rested a lot, because you're sick. You lean up against him again, but he pushes you away. You look over at him anxiously, but he smiles softly. “Lay down so you can nap, silly. You can use my legs as a pillow. " You blush, but do as you’re told, and lay down with your head on his thighs. Surprisingly, they aren't that cold. Maybe he heated them, or maybe it could’ve been the pants he was wearing. But it was incredibly comfortable. You gaze up at Genos ’loving gaze as you get ready to sleep again. He’s smiling the entire time. Before you fall asleep, though, he gingerly bends down a plants you a very soft and short kiss on the lips. “I hope you get well soon, (Y / N). I'll take care of you until you are better, though. " You fall asleep while blushing, and stay asleep for a long time this time. Being sick wasn't so bad since Genos was here to take care of you.