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Hello dear 14 readers,

although nothing has happened here for ages, you seem to have endured ...

That was partly due to a bit of ups and downs in my life. Meanwhile there is some consistency again, but I can't promise new posts because my turntable has given up the ghost. In addition, if you try to change the partition size on an HD, most of my archive on the PC is gone.

However, here is a film that should make every record collector's heart open. I don't know what the bad C looks like, but I think that since he's one of us that's okay. Are about 700MB but worth every bit!

In the future I would like to offer SARAH vinyl as well as old street sounds and electro records. This combination might sound a bit strange, but think of Age of Chance!

I hope I can get my phono / receiver working again. Anyone who knows about this in Bielefeld and the surrounding area is always welcome!

Temporarily unavailable!