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In the test: Dissidia 012 - Final Fantasy

Full of scope

After the approximately 25 hours that you need for a run including the reports activated at the same time, you get access to the 13th cycle and can see the events of the previous cycleDissidia: Final Fantasy replay. Square Enix didn't just “just” include the prequel. New gameplay features such as the overworld or the assist system are integrated here. Completely new content such as special fields in gateways that give you combat bonuses are also included. Players are sure to be occupied with the second scenario for another 30 hours.

In addition, there are fighting modes against the CPU or human opponents in ad-hoc mode. Fights can be fought online using a PlayStation 3. Countless setting options and sets of rules can be used. An infrastructure mode in which the PSP communicates directly with the router via W-LAN is unfortunately not implemented.

Technology and localization

Visually canDissidia 012 let see. It's not just the few render sequences that look stunning. The characters and levels are also designed in great detail. Only the edge flickering is a bit ugly, but this is known to be due to the hardware and is also present in other games. The sound design is also excellent. Not only are the original English speakers from the respective Final Fantasy parts included, but also known songs from all of themFF-Play. These have been re-recorded and sound a lot more impressive than the already impressive masterpiecesFinal Fantasy IVVIII & Co.

The translation of the game leaves a question mark. The attentive reader has probably already noticed that the technical terms are in English in the game. All dialogues are in English and have subtitles translated into German in an exemplary manner. Everything else - menus, item descriptions, displays, etc. - was left in English. This may not be a problem for those who speak English. However, why a complete “Germanization” was not carried out as in the predecessor remains a mystery.

Cluttered Action Final Fantasy?

Dissidia is not only a spin-off from a technical point of viewFinal Fantasy-Series. The combat system deliberately differs significantly from the role-playing game series on the stationary consoles due to the high proportion of action. This is often overlooked by many colleagues with the big name that is denounced on the package. One should therefore approach it with the expectation that someone who is still imposing and structurally completely differentFinal Fantasy-Get offspring put in front of your nose. The combat system may seem very complex at first, but after getting used to it, it is very intuitive and above all leaves room for individual playing styles. The choice between different talents such as healer, commander or devastator with Lightning up to the different attacks and talents is exemplary. The player is also taken by the hand through extensive help functions. Unfortunately, this often very funny help is in English and not localized. The excursion in the twelfthDissidia-Cycle is also worthwhile for newcomers to the universe who do not know the background of the illustrious characters. It is alluded to some connections between characters from their actual series parts, which, however, especially through the reportsFF- Is usually well explained to the ignorant. Square Enix manages to motivate the player over the long playing time through the consistently successful atmosphere and even packs its extensive predecessor on the UMD, as if that weren't enough.

Is both technical and playfulDissidia 012 proof of what the PSP can do. The short fights are fun and the combination of the unique characters always keeps them positive.Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy is a must buy for every PSP action player who wants to dive into a game, and could perhaps even be a reason for some to buy the increasingly cheaper console.

The Legacy Edition includes concept drawings and additional outfits in a stylish presentation.

Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy
System: PSP
Price: from 35 euros
Genre: Action RPG
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix