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Battle for Middle Earth 2 Heaven

by PeterTosh- 2501
1.14 MBRhun (v2)
An update of the modded Rhun map. Better Minimap, faster recruitment time for easterlings and haradrim archers from tamed creeps, aesthetic improvements, new creep in easterling camp to fight nazguls which try to camp in upper left corner of the map.05/01/21
by Woopsie- 8900
1.14 MBRhun
Modified version of the original Rhun map: bigger map, more open paths, custom creeps and new disposition of capturable buildings.04/18/21
by Woopsie- 11200
318.53 KBThe Battle of Dagorlad wave defense AOTR 6.1
A wave defense about the battle of daorlad for age of the ring 6.103/29/21
by TheGuyoftheEast- 36200
391.95 KBIsengard
Isengard map beta. BIG MAP. 3 vs 2. AI Playable or Online. Skirmish.03/20/21
by elektri4ka- 33100
272.19 KBLothlorien Wave Defense AOTR 6.1
A wave defense in the Realm of Lothlrien, you must protect the tree of Lothlrien from Sauron's army03/06/21
by TheGuyoftheEast- 44610
729.83 KBAdorn River (Cursed Undead)
There is a curse upon this land, the dead rise to fight once more, a threat to everyone.03/04/21
by CrimsonStain- 14000
186.43 KBRatthew's Fortress Defense - 2 Players (V2)
A 14 Wave Fortress Defense for 2 Players02/28/21
by RatIsShortForRaT4.1 (1) 55615
790.92 KBDead Marches (Cursed Undead)
There is a curse upon this land, the dead rise to fight once more, a threat to everyone.02/17/21
by CrimsonStain- 15200
847.6 KBThe Battle of the Black Gate AOTR 6.1
This is a map of the Black Gate, frodo fails and sauron gets the ring and goes to the battle to fight for Mordor. and comes to the battle02/16/21
by TheGuyoftheEast- 52500
128.54 KBNostromo
by Gannicus- 18900
745.98 KBThe Conquest of Isengard AOTR 6.1
A map that do you have to conquest or defend isengard. The map has an Ent summon with treebard, Aragorn and gandalf at the end and more things, only works for AOTR 6.1 (Age of the ring mod 6.1) I personality recommend play the map in multiplayer01/08/21
by TheGuyoftheEast- 55500
6.63 MBBarking maps
4v4 3v3 2v2 1v112/02/20
by barkingn4.1 (1) 90801
230.24 KBSiege of Paris 845AD
Custom fortress map11/18/20
by CGlasbak4.6 (1) 87502
2.32 MBBattle For Middle Earth v2.0
An updated version of my Middle Earth map10/25/20
by Agandaur 24044.6 (1) 123001
2.61 MBLa Défense d'Umbar
Dans cette map vous devez défendre la cité d'Umbar contre l'assaut du Gondor!10/25/20
by Elrohir_bfme4.9 (1) 74301
1.29 MBAnduin
3 player against 5 comp10/05/20
by brkhn22- 52700
793.7 KBHelm's deep v2 (book version)
Helm's deep fortress with a line of walls in the middle like in the book09/11/20
by TheGuyoftheEast- 191400
501 bytesA crazy defense of Helm's deep
Helms deep map09/05/20
by TheGuyoftheEast1.0 (1) 144705
788.19 KBThe Siege of Minas Morgul
In This map you have to defend the citadel of witchcraft against Gondor!08/22/20
by IceWink- 94203

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