How should I say please sit in Spanish

Amapola Sangrienta

So right at the beginning: I never said that someone should write me a summary in Spanish. All I said was that I would like to know what it is about in German, so that I know what I am reading and can find my way around and know what is important and what to look out for.

I also realize that there are people who haven't read the book. That's why I ask in a forum, because there is a chance that there are some who have already read it. Theoretically I could address and ask anyone via PM, but since I don't know who read it ... -> well.

Besides, I never said that it should be anyone's fault that I had to read this at the last minute.

After all, I don't do other people's homework either, but I like to help others, which doesn't mean that. It is different whether I write the whole thing in Spanish right away or whether I give clues in German.

And why I don't ask those in my group who have read it is easy to answer. The question is already wrong, because of course I asked people. But now it is the case that not everyone sits at the PC all day and thus has not yet read my mail.

It's just facts that I've written, and it's not that I don't read the book. But because of buying: if we get a copy, but I only get it copied with every 2nd page, which I notice on a public holiday (i.e. January 1st), I can hardly order it, because then it would be there until Wednesday and it would be too late. The post around Christmas / New Year's time is behind schedule, it won't come on Saturday anyway and a package needs at least 2 days, so it would be Monday at the earliest, but probably Wednesday. And then, as I said, it will be too late. Before someone turns on other people stupid (yes, that's how I see it), please first consider whether that would be feasible at all.

Have a nice evening,