Where do I start with chords

Access to jazz on the electric guitar, where do I start?


First of all thank you! Your suggestions are very helpful!

Swing or funk: Since I have no idea about jazz, my answer here is "I don't know." But in any case, I'll listen to both.

I'll try two pieces now, these are:

Airegin, Arr .: Wes Montgomery, yesterday with a lot of effort I wrote out a first template of the notes (10,000 is probably not enough as a number for pressing the stop button ...)
All of Me, Arr .: Django Reinhardt, but on electric guitar and since I can move all my fingers, with a plek
All the Things You Are, Arr .: Wes Montgomery, pure accompaniment and quite calm

I now practice these a little, I like all three of them very much. Maybe I'll be able to give feedback if I'm satisfied. And then my hope is that I will create jazz-style improvisations from all three pieces myself, otherwise I will learn even more pieces.