Lycamobile datos 1gb is like many mb

Lycamobile: 1 GB of surfing abroad from 12 euros per month (2nd update)

Lycamobile data roaming options
Screenshot: Mobile surfing abroad has become calculable thanks to the many data roaming options at numerous mobile phone discounters - the options are often valid for 7 days and can be re-booked as required. The disadvantage with most options: The included roaming surfing volume is only 100 or 150 MB.

A few providers have been offering data roaming passes with a slightly higher inclusive volume for some time. The TUI Surfstick donated at least 200 MB of data volume for 14.99 euros per 7 days. The cross option at Ortel Mobile, for example, offers 750 MB data volume for 30 days for surfing in various countries for 20 euros and can be expanded by 500 MB with the reset option for 9.00 euros. Turkcell focuses on holidaymakers in Turkey, where it offers 200 MB for 9.99 euros and 500 MB for 24.99 euros, with the options valid for one month each.

Lycamobile is now also skipping the 1 GB mark in the data roaming options, but the customer has to look carefully at the fine print to find out which of the 1 GB options applies in which country.

Data roaming options with 1 GB from 12 euros

Lycamobile data roaming options
Screenshot: Already at the end of May received a price list from Lycamobile in which the first 1 GB data roaming option was mentioned. An attentive reader has now announced that the virtual mobile network operator in the Vodafone network has apparently expanded its arsenal of data roaming options secretly, quietly and quietly in the past few days - there is even a data roaming option 3 GB included volume.

Lycamobile's data roaming options are valid for 30 days and are called Data Roaming XS, S, M and L, with Roaming XS 50 MB, Data Roaming S 250 MB, Data Roaming M 500 MB and Data Roaming L 1 GB surfing volume for abroad is included. The additional data packages can be activated with an existing package or without packages with the prepaid SIM card, which is available free of charge. The packages expire after 30 days and can be used both nationally and via data roaming, writes Lycamobile in the small print

An additional number after the tariff name indicates in which countries the option can be used - often this is only one or two countries. Data Roaming L1 with 1 GB costs 12 euros and can be used in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Great Britain and the Netherlands. Data roaming L2 for 25 euros is only valid in Norway. France and Portugal are the countries in which Data Roaming L3 applies - but this option costs a proud 55 euros. Data Roaming L4, which costs 15 euros and is only valid in Italy, is cheaper.

Update June 15th: Global XL and All Net 1000 only for domestic surfing

In the first version of the article, we wrote at this point that the two options Global XL and All Net 1000 are also suitable for data roaming abroad and referred us to the Lycamobile website. At the time the article was written on Friday, in addition to the display of the available inclusive data volume on the Lycamobile website for both options, there was a footnote under which the supposed countries for data roaming were listed.

Some readers then booked these options, but then found out on the hotline that the surfing volume can only be used in Germany. A personal inquiry from now brought clarity: only the data roaming packages with a maximum of 1 GB are intended for surfing abroad, but not Global XL and All Net 1000. So there was a mistake by Lycamobile. That is why placed a warning in this article on Sunday. Lycamobile agrees to rebook customers who have booked Global XL and All Net 1000 for data roaming between the publication of the article and the warning message to a different data roaming package. Further information will follow shortly. End of update.