How to play Junk Jack x Multiplayer

Version history

This is our biggest update yet, it includes months of work and brings all the new features and improvements from our PC / Mac version to iOS. The changes are too many to list here, but we'll try to mention at least the major changes below here!

There is a downside though: unfortunately we had to change the whole engine, this makes actual worlds and player incompatible, forcing you to start a new game to experience the new patch. Old worlds and players won't be deleted but they'll become inaccessible from the game. We sincerely hope you understand, sorry for any trouble this may cause. This is the only choice we had, the only alternative would have been to sell a different game under the same brand which wasn’t acceptable for us.

Happy mining!


  • All new Junk Jack logo!
  • More than 250 new rare treasures: happy hunting!
  • All planets have been overhauled with new graphics, content, biomes and tweaks to make them more fun and varied.
  • New planet reachable from Mykon: Gate!
  • More than 20 new gate monsters!
  • More than 40 new slimes different for each planet
  • Added a collections view which will track all the things you gathered while playing: rare treasures, fancy equips, fish, cooking recipes
  • Added scrolling to super minimap
  • Super mini map will only show discovered areas
  • New procedural part engine for mobs: many mobs will now have random parts attached!
  • Explosive arrows!
  • Each slime type has its own unique behavior
  • New king slime mobs!
  • Many mobs have been redrawn from scratch
  • New weapons, armor, trinkets can be found in Tor
  • New pocket pets, statues, fish, objects, blocks and so on!
  • New world sizes options
  • Added customization options for world creations also for adventure mode
  • Tweaked treasures and ores distribution
  • Dozens of new placeable blocks and objects!
  • Added objects and blocks to creative
  • Added a new actuator: piston block! It's able to push players, mobs and items by extending and also behaves as a bridge or one-way door according to rotation
  • Added a new actuator: advanced pressure pad! It's like the normal pressure pad but it's able to detect mobs too
  • Added a new actuator: retractable block! it's a block that becomes solid when activated and blocks light, movement and liquids
  • Trap doors now behave as devices and can be opened and closed with electronics signal
  • Health bars of creatures have been added
  • Improved overall game difficulty balance
  • Rebalanced food heal values
  • Rebalanced potions heal values
  • Tweaked treasures drop rates on all planets
  • Tweaked chest treasures drop rate
  • Tweaked portal chests spawn rate
  • Tweaked crates seeds drop rate
  • Tweaked mobs health and hit values
  • Added many utility crates in the world
  • Added dangerous spikes on end game planets
  • Portal chests now with light
  • Two new types of wood have been added
  • Additionally tweaked light thresholds for mob spawning
  • Add-ons now have default crafts available
  • 6 new wood crossbows, each one with different bullet and fire speed stats
  • New craftable slingshot which throws tiny rocks
  • New detailed tool and weapons graphics, with custom animations
  • New bows graphics
  • New craftable colored goo torches
  • Objects and blocks can now be placed on small objects without the need to break them first
  • It is now possible to place blocks behind objects without breaking them first
  • Fancy trinket slot is now considered for pet summon and will take priority if a pocket pet trinket is present in that slot
  • Added Ninja Potion which alters throw speed and power
  • New ambient sounds and sound effects
  • New music tracks have been added to Terra
  • A new manly hurt sound has been added
  • New liquid graphics

That's not all! We made dozens of other tweaks and bug fixes to improve the game experience, we hope you will enjoy the new Junk Jack X 3.0!