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Tyrol's fascinating landscape has been a popular location for both national and international film productions for many decades. Fans can follow in the footsteps of their film or series heroes on nine Tirollywood routes.

Even at the beginning of the television and film age, Tyrol was a popular location for filming and playing. In 1926, master director Alfred Hitchcock selected the Ötztal for shooting the silent film "The Mountain Eagle". In 1931 another classic was made on the Arlberg: “The White Rush” with Austrian ski pioneer Hannes Schneider in the title role was the first ski film with sound. Numerous film productions, including TV series, TV films and feature films, continued this tradition and found the right setting in Tyrol. The diversity of the landscape is reflected in the different genres - from crime thrillers and dramas to literary films and various series to romantic films.

From an international perspective, Tyrol is particularly valued by Indian film productions. Bollywood is one of the largest film industries in the world and has chosen Tyrol as the backdrop and location for more than 70 films. Most recently, the world's most famous agent caused a sensation in the film region of Tyrol: action-packed scenes for the new James Bond film “Specter” were filmed in Sölden (Ötztal) and in Obertilliach (East Tyrol) on more than 30 days of shooting.

Cineastes can walk in the footsteps of their favorite stars on the Tirollywood routes, visit the filming locations and learn anecdotes firsthand on exciting tours.

2 · James Bond "Specter"

In January and February 2015 Her Majesty's secret agent, James Bond, aka secret agent 007, was a guest in Ötztal. Action scenes from the 24th Bond film "Specter" were shot in Sölden with Bond actor Daniel Craig, Bond girl Léa Seydoux and villain Dave Bautista. The mountain station of the Gaislachkogelbahn with the “ice Q” restaurant functioned as the Hoffler Clinic, where Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) works. The glacier road had to withstand a wild chase between James Bond and the kidnappers of Madeleine Swann.

With 007 ELEMENTS, there has been a spectacular, underground James Bond adventure exhibition right at the mountain station of the Gaislachkogelbahn since summer 2018. Right next door, in the “ice Q” restaurant, Bond fans can sip their vodka martini in summer and winter and float back and forth in the Bond gondola like the secret agent in the film. In winter you can ski downhill on piste 30 right next to the glacier road shown in the film. In summer you can drive down the road and the highest road tunnel in Europe, albeit not in Bond fashion. Picture boards at the locations give an overview of the scenes filmed there.

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