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Watercolor illustration

Whether melon, moon or poppy - everything is more beautiful in watercolor.

If you take it seriously, the term watercolor illustration is actually incorrect.

illustration is the visual explanation or interpretation of a text, concept or process. Watercolor (Watercolors) are not the same watercolors either, but Denglish is spoken a lot.

#watercolorillustration is just a new DIY trend. I think that's nice, because people start a new craft hobby and just DO IT. Because it doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or a full professional, creating something unique with your own hands is always a win.

Illustrations and drawings have been with me all my life. Watercolor has only been a permanent part of my work for 2-3 years. Since 2018 I have also been giving workshops on watercolor illustration - you can find the workshop dates here.

Interested in an overview of watercolor material for beginners?
And now, let yourself be inspired a little more. . .

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