How do I use the restart of the Maplestory for the open market

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1 Jun 2012

Maplestory is a multiplayer role-playing game in which you will immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Maple, to live with all its inhabitants and take part in hundreds of adventures that you can also invite your friends to join.

When creating your character, you can choose from over a dozen different classes. Some of them are only available during special events. By leveling up and exploring new locations, you can access unique skills and weapons.

To level up, you will have to complete quests and kill some of the many enemies that you will encounter in your adventures. These fights take place in real time and in two dimensions, which results in very dynamic and entertaining fighting.

However, one of the most fun aspects of MapleStory is the social nature of the game. This enables you to interact with other players and the NPCs and to compete with them in various mini-games.

MapleStory is a very simple MMORPG that not only shines with adorable graphics, but also with a simple and addicting gameplay that will be difficult for you to break away from.

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