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When is it your turn? The corona vaccination appointment calculator

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Of course, the calculator does not provide a binding result. Too many variables are included in the overall calculation for this, for example the production capacity and availability of the vaccine doses or the number of different approved vaccines.

Nevertheless, the tool is useful, Bogna Szyk, engineer and one of the developers of the computer, is quoted by the "Aponet" portal. She says: "It gives a realistic estimate of when you might actually be vaccinated". This can be sobering at times: The federal government actually wants to offer everyone who wants a vaccination by the summer. With the current vaccination rate, according to the computer, the date for a person who cannot expect any prioritization may well be in the year 2022. Since the data in the tool is regularly updated, this can of course change again quickly - if more vaccines are approved and more vaccine doses are available, for example.

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