How do I create dclgen in the mainframe software

Create a batch file

A batch file, bat for short, is an application in a file format. You can create these with the preinstalled program called "Editor".

To open the program, click on the Windows homebutton and enter "Editor" in the search bar. Now you can open the program with a simple left mouse click.

When you've opened the program, you'll see a small screen with a few tools and a large text field. Enter the command, for example, in this text fieldshutdown -s'' a. (Optionally, you can also add the steps from the "Create an application on the desktop" page).

After typing the command, click the tool ,,File '' -> ,, Save as ... ''. Now enter the desired name for the file and just add the ending (without spaces) .bat a. Then select the option "All files" in the field below and click save. Now you can open the file and let the command run.

If you now open the file, CMD starts and the command is executed. Then a message appears, in which period (date / time) the command will be executed. CMD then terminates itself again.

Tip: If you accidentally start the file, you can easily do it with the command: ,,shutdown -a'' abort. (For more details, see previous page)