How to make paper gift boxes

Make a stable gift box

3 colorful DIY ideas from gift boxes for different occasions

Make a gift box yourself for Mother's Day (with children)

This paper box is so easy to make that fathers and their children can create it in no time. Painted, glued with glitter, sequins and ribbons, or provided with a handwritten note from the child “for mom”, this creates a very individual gift packaging for a special occasion.

DIY box as an organizer

If chaos is raging on your desk again and you don't really know what to do with the paper clips, pins and thumbtacks, then this box is a very aesthetic way of dealing with the chaos. It looks very nice and can be matched to your colors in the room from different paper.

Make a mini gift box for jewelry

If the box is a little too big for you and you prefer to make it smaller, you can simply print out the template at half the size. For the printer, select either via Settings> Page setup> "Page layout" or "Scaled". In the latter case, all you have to do is enter the percentage to which you want to scale. Decorative paper or wrapping paper can also be used here to wrap simple and small items such as jewelry or sweets.