What is pique polo fabric

What does piqué mean in polo shirts?

The passionate wearer of polo shirts knows that polo shirts are often offered with the addition of piqué polo or polo made of piqué. But what does piqué mean in connection with polo shirts and where does the term come from?

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First, a formal explanation of the term piqué

Piqué is the name for a cotton fabric that is very often used in polo shirts because of its robust, breathable and light properties. The fabric, also known as piqué in German, has alternating raised and recessed areas, making it resemble the structure of a quilted fabric. This structure is achieved by laying two layers of fabric on top of each other during weaving, which is why piqué is also referred to as a double weave. A finer yarn is used for the top layer (when weaving it is called the top warp) that has twice as many threads per square centimeter as the bottom layer of fabric. The connection of the two layers is achieved by weaving individual threads of one chain into the other at regular intervals. The result is a very dimensionally stable, structured fabric that is used not only for polo shirts, but also for tuxedo shirts, tailcoat shirts and bow ties.

In close-up, the piqué fabric almost looks like a honeycomb due to the offset raised and recessed areas.


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The beginnings of the piqué polo shirt

But how did the piqué fabric for polo shirts develop and what did the inventors want to achieve with it?

René Lacoste is considered to be the inventor of the piqué fabric polo shirt. He developed the first polo shirt in 1933 Cotton. The aim of this original polo shirt was to enable tennis players the greatest possible freedom of movement and yet a stylish appearance. He found the inspiration for solving this design task in the clothing of the talented polo player Lord Cholmoneley - a T-shirt with a shirt collar, buttoned neckline and short sleeves. The tennis players of the time were enthusiastic. For the first time, they didn't have to wear traditional long-sleeved shirts with their sleeves rolled up, but the polo shirt gave them a whole new level of freedom of movement.

To develop the perfect fabric for the new design, Lacoste teamed up with lightweight knitting expert André Gillier. They developed a fabric that was light, robust and breathable at the same time - the piqué cotton fabric was invented. The piqué polo shirts were a great success among the athletes of the time, because they let the skin breathe on the one hand and at the same time gave it an elegant look.

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Today's piqué fabric for polo shirts - classic and good

Of course, since the beginning in the 30s, the piqué fabric has developed in a number of areas. But the cotton piqué fabric is still the most popular fabric for polo shirts and the main character traits have not changed either:

● Robust: As in the times of its development, polo shirts made of piqué fabric are still worn today on occasions that require activity. Who would want to wear a polo shirt that loses its shape after a short drive or movement on the flipchart? That is why the robustness and stability of the piqué fabric, which it receives from the double weave structure, is still an essential property that it recommends for polo shirts.

● Breathable: In active situations it is very important that the body can regulate its temperature and moisture balance optimally. The piqué fabric also offers this
best conditions. It is very breathable and even if unsightly sweat stains appear, the discoloration due to the marbled structure of the fabric is less noticeable.

● Easily: the double weave of the piqué fabric is very light in relation to its dimensional stability. This makes it very comfortable to wear and also easy to care for and extremely durable.

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