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Iris spectabilis

Iris spectabilis is not available.

  • Quality / size: bare-rooted / pot
Probably a garden refugee of hybrid origin, often found in cottage gardens and vines ... more

Iris spectabilis

Probably a garden refugee of hybrid origin, often found in cottage gardens and vines. Flowers medium-sized, violet-blue, some brown veins on the throat. Very vigorous.

Properties & features

Flower color:purple, two-tone
Flowering time:May
Height:60 cm
Soil conditions:dry
Properties:Cut flower
Light conditions:sunny

Our perennials and trees are collected by our gardeners in the nursery. When they are dispatched, they are carefully checked again for condition and quality. As the year progresses, the more likely we are to cut back some species for safe transportation. The pruning does not damage the plants, they even grow better in the new location.

Ornamental perennials and woody plants are only cut back in special cases. We only send our plants if you can also plant them in the ground. A quality feature in the dispatch of plants is an optimal shape of the root ball. A healthy root is the basis for strong growth and later flowers.

With every plant delivery you will receive planting and care tips for your new darlings. Our plants are packaged safely and in an ecologically sensible way. Various types of environmentally friendly materials are used in our plant shipping. Unfortunately, due to the moisture, foil and plastic cannot (yet) be completely avoided.

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