What are the actors in the microenvironment



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    Making politics - that is a tough struggle for compromises, at the end of which there are laws, ordinances or regulations that solve a public problem (ideally in the long term). But what actually happens during the wrestling? Which economic and social groups are trying to influence politics?

    In addition to the parties, who are constitutionally mandated to help shape political will, it is primarily lobby groups, but also the mass media as the so-called fourth power, that influence political processes. In the worksheet, the students have the opportunity to name the various political actors and to decide which of them they trust and which they do not. They get to know the principle of the separation of powers, can discuss the opportunities and dangers of lobbying and determine and question their own media use.

    The issue of the topic sheets contains a class set of 31 double-sided (identical) worksheets in the tear-off pad. Background information for teachers provides an overview of the topic and provides information on how to use the worksheet and templates in class

    Author: Robby Geyer, pages: 72, place of publication: Bonn, order number: 5956