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Willi Herren († 45): Freund raises serious allegations at funeral

The sudden death of Willi gentlemen April 20th not only shocked his family. Even the fans of the reality star can't really believe it yet.

On May 5th it was Willi gentlemen buried in a cemetery in Cologne. However, there was no trace of his celebrity colleagues who pretended to be close friends of the TV actor on the Internet.

Willi Herren († 45): Frank Fussbroich horrified - "There was nobody there "

Frank Fussbroich became known in the 1990s through the documentary soap "Die Fussbroichs: A Cologne Workers' Family". He later appeared in various reality TV formats. With Willi gentlemen He was bound by a long friendship. And it was precisely this good friend that he wanted to pay a final honor on Wednesday.

He was all the more shocked that he was apparently the only prominent guest at the funeral service: “Am I the only reality star here? Where are all the 'friends' who said: 'I sent another message, he didn't answer it' and 'He wanted to appear at my place'? "He told RTL on the edge of the cemetery:" It wasn't one there."

For Frank it is a "duty" as a good friend to accompany Willi Herren on his last way to the grave. The fact that TV stars like Krümel, Calvin Kleinen or Rocco Stark did not appear at the funeral speaks volumes. “Are they really such I-people? I don't understand ”, Frank Fussbroich insulted Willis' supposed friends.

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That was Willi Herren:

  • Wilhelm "Willi" Herren was born on June 17, 1975 in Cologne
  • He became known as an actor in the ARD series "Lindenstrasse", which was seen from 1992 to 2007
  • In 2004 he took part in the RTL jungle camp and took third place
  • This was followed by appearances in similar reality TV formats such as "Promi Big Brother" (2017) or "Das Sommerhaus der Stars" (2019)
  • In 2020 he took part in "Battle of Reality Stars" and "Temptation Island VIP"
  • This year he was in the second season of "Celebrities Under Palms"
  • Willi Herren died on April 20, 2021 in his apartment in Cologne


“When someone is dead, they say, 'That was my friend.' Nah, that wasn't your boyfriend. He didn't want anything to do with you. You just want to get a little fame, ”Frank Fussbroich shot against various reality and Ballermann stars in an RTL interview.

Willi Herren († 45): Melanie Müller shoots back - it does not have to "prove that I mourn"

And further: "You can come here, for one hour there really has to be time."

One of those who obviously felt addressed by these words was singer Melanie Müller. In her Instagram story, she defended herself on the day of Willi Herren's funeral and wrote: "I don't have to go live, give interviews and have photos taken to prove that I'm mourning."

To do this, she held a shot glass in her hand and commented: “To you. In memory, Willi Herren. "


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Steff Jerkel did not appear at the funeral either. Shortly after the death of Willi Herren, he shared THIS emotional message to the deceased entertainer.