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Wanderlust Vacation without quarantine: you can travel to these countries!

Holiday in Corona times? Quite possible abroad. For around 40 countries there are currently - at least in parts - no travel warnings due to Covid-19. Nevertheless, you can only enter a few countries without problems. For everyone else, there is either an entry ban for tourists - or you have to go into quarantine for a longer period of time before you can move freely in the country.

Vacation in Europe - where are you?

In Europe, at least the regions of individual countries are no longer risk areas. There is therefore no mandatory quarantine after the return journey in Germany.

Spain: island happiness in the Balearic Islands

It looks one of the best in Spain at the moment. In addition to Mallorca, the other Balearic Islands can also be visited. Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera are also possible. Those who prefer to enjoy culture and stay on the mainland can visit the regions of Murcia, Valencia or Galicia.

Hardly any more risk areas in Portugal

Soaking up the sun is currently also possible in many regions of Portugal. Both the Alentejo, which is popular with holidaymakers, and the Centro, Lisbon and Norte regions are no longer risk areas. And after entering quarantine, you only have to come from a country where the 14-day incidence is over 500.

A small downer: the flower island Madeira, the Azores and the Algarve, which is popular with sunbathers, have to wait for now.

Discover something new: the Faroe Islands (Denmark)

For the time being, Germans are not allowed to enter Denmark. The situation is different on the small archipelago of the Faroe Islands. If you fancy observing rare birds and want to avoid the crowds, this is the place for you.

Satisfying longing for Africa: Rwanda

There has been no Covid 19 travel warning for the African country Rwanda for months. In Rwanda you have to undergo a corona test upon entry and spend the time in quarantine in the hotel until the result. There are no more restrictions.

Asia: Hotel Vacation Sri Lanka

If you had to do without your winter trip to Thailand, you could now switch to Sri Lanka. The small island state is neither a risk area, nor are there quarantine requirements for tourists. A lot of Asian vibes for that. The downside: traveling around is currently not permitted. Guests are encouraged to choose a vacation spot.

America: Enjoy dream beaches in the Caribbean

Entry into the USA is currently only possible to a limited extent for German citizens. On some of the Caribbean islands, you can go on holiday even more without hesitation. These include dream destinations such as Dominica, the Dominican Republic, St. Lucia and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The federal government continues to advise against tourist travel

Whether it is a risk area or not - to contain the corona pandemic and to prevent further virus mutations from spreading in the country, the Federal Government continues to ask you to refrain from unnecessary, i.e. tourist, travel. Anyone traveling back to Germany must be able to show a negative corona test that is not older than 24 hours when checking in at the airport.

Status: April 27, 2021