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Expert tips: Find the right wall color for the bedroom

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you were just waking up:

  • What is your environment like? What color is the wall on which the morning light falls through the window?
  • Still not quite sure which color you would feel most comfortable with?

Or are you unable to choose between a few colors?

With this article I would like to inform you about colors and their effect on our mood in order to make your decision a little easier.

Besides, I'll explain

  • which colors you can combine and which one should be better off,
  • why colors look different depending on the lighting and why the bedroom is a special case when it comes to light,
  • When to choose a warm and when to choose a cold color
  • What colors to avoid in your bedroom.

Note: If you are interested in which colors are suitable according to Feng Shui, please continue reading here: Feng Shui for the bedroom.

In the bedroom in particular, it is important that you feel secure, calm and relaxed as this is the place where you retreat and relax from the outside world to gather your strength for the new day.

Which color is right for me?

We usually associate the bedroom with a feeling of calm, security and privacy.

The associations of the individual with his sleeping place probably vary - one thinks of the smell of freshly laundered bedclothes, the next of the morning chirping of birds after waking up, etc.

Perhaps you like to read in bed in the evening or you still talk to your partner about the day and the children; maybe you have breakfast in bed in the morning while you watch breakfast television.

Every situation has its own feeling - but your wall color (probably) will not change.

So if you are looking for a wall paint for your bedroom, you should consider what function the bedroom has for you above all else.

The preferences and wishes for the right color therefore vary. Do you long for peace, serenity and silence in your bedroom? Then a shade of blue, gray or white would be suitable.

Or would you like to be reminded of the morning sun even on rainy days? Then maybe a soft yellow will fit.

Let's take a look at what other possibilities the color spectrum offers us.

Info: lighting & color

Of course, the light conditions in the morning are different than in the evening. The light completely changes the colors again, which is only logical: after all, perceived colors are nothing more than reflected light.

Important: You should therefore also think about your lighting. Is it rather warm (yellowish light) or cold (white / bluish light)? If you have very warm lighting, you should note that the color of your wall will also be warmer when the light is switched on.

My advice: Keep the color sample of your desired color (you can get a free color sample in any hardware store) under your bedroom lamp before buying. Do you still like the color?

In the following I would like to recommend a few personal favorites that, in my opinion, can be used to make your bedroom particularly beautiful.

The most important colors and their effects

I would like to start with a few well-known main colors - in the following section I will go into the respective advantages and disadvantages and also present a few recommendations for high-quality colors:


  • most popular wall paint
  • looks bright & clean
  • cool & sterile

The color white stands for cleanliness, purity, innocence and peace. In German households it is probably the most popular wall paint of all - you can't go wrong with the classic either.

On the other hand, the white wall is probably not particularly original either.

My advice: Use white in the bedroom wherever a feeling of cleanliness and purity is required: i.e. with bed linen, sheets, etc. Here white also works as a great contrast - and with a colored wall it is even cleaner!


  • stands for calm, naturalness and health
  • conveys ease & joy

Green is highly recommended for children’s and bedrooms, as the color of nature reflects our natural surroundings, so to speak.

In addition, the human eye can perceive a particularly large number of green tones, as it has been trained to differentiate between (edible) plants over thousands of years.

So you are spoiled for choice between many wonderful variations (mint green, jade, turquoise, fir green, olive, pastel, sage, ...)

Green wall paint
  • fashionable wallpaper from HOLIKE
  • in calming fir green
  • made of environmentally friendly long fiber fleece paper


  • stands for temperament & dynamism
  • should only be used in a nuanced manner in the bedroom

It is not for nothing that the color red stands for fire in Feng Shui. Red conveys dynamism, activity, warmth and passion.

If you don't want to miss these features in your bedroom, but don't want to be annoyed by an overly intrusive, bright red, there are also more subtle, tinted color variants.

A strong fiery red is more suitable for places of activity and hustle and bustle, such as the kitchen.


  • conveys peace and relaxation
  • reminds of natural elements like sky and water

Due to its calming effect, blue is an excellent wall paint in the bedroom.

Whether as dark blue, cornflower blue or turquoise tinted with white - the color of the sky creates a feeling of balance and satisfaction.

Blue wall paint
  • high quality wall paint from RyFo Colors
  • in many different shades of blue
  • super suitable for the bedroom


  • symbolizes happiness & optimism
  • better in the bedroom than a tinted variant (e.g. apricot or pastel lemon)

Also, or especially with yellow, the following applies: The (color) tone makes the music. Since it is not used as a warning color in nature and in traffic, it is better to use a light tint in the bedroom.

Your room exudes cheerfulness and friendliness, but without being too intrusive.


  • calm, but warm & friendly color
  • In addition to green and blue, it is particularly beneficial for sleep

Along with tinted greens and blues, pink is one of the colors that calm us down the most. It also stands for love, tenderness and harmony - all desirable qualities in the bedroom.

Combined correctly, it doesn't have to be cheesy at all. Bright pink, on the other hand, is not very recommendable, but shades such as rosé look great in the bedroom.

Earth tones

Earth tones are neutral in a positive way. They also come across as calm, grounding (surprised?), Warming and familiar.

So they're great when you want an unobtrusive color that is timeless and that the whole family will be comfortable with.

Interestingly, however, there are also types of color among the earth colors that appear rather cold. A cold brown goes a little blue-gray or has a purple tinge, while a warm brown tends to be orange, red and yellow.

Both types go well in the bedroom. My personal favorite, however, is a warm tone that I would most likely describe as coffee with milk:

Earthy recommendation
  • Cappuccino color
  • Good value for money
  • Can be combined well with white

But be careful when combining earth tones with other colors: The contrast to the "purer" colors (brown is a mixture of all basic colors) could make the earth color look dirty.

With the color presented above, a combination with white, for example, would look great.

Warm colours

If you associate activity or liveliness with your bedroom, you should opt for a warm color.

However, warm colors can also have a calming effect if a little white is mixed in - I will describe corresponding colors in the following chapter on pastel tones.

Pastel shades

Since you are mostly in your bedroom when it is dark, the focus when choosing colors is primarily on tones that look particularly beautiful in twilight and in subdued light.

This is why pastel tones are currently very popular in the bedroom. Whether beige, lavender, noisette, crème, lemon, rosé, pistachio, or a delicate blue ... What sounds a little like the product display of a French ice cream parlor is a color palette that is consistently calming, pleasant to the eye and where you can feel don't get tired of it so quickly.

Pastel recommendation
  • Wall paint from Wanders
  • in different pastel tones
  • high quality

So it's no wonder that pastel tones are so popular as wall colors in the bedroom at the moment. If you want, you can of course combine the colors - but I personally think that they work best on their own.

Whether it's because the colors remind us of flowers and sugar cookies, or maybe it's because of their softness and unobtrusiveness - you'll love the pastel colors.

Just search for walls with pastel tones on Instagram, Pinterest or Google if you haven't already.

Something like this can be very inspiring, and if you haven't yet made up your mind on a color, you may not have found the right one.

Because sometimes you are really surprised at what you actually like.

For example, I would have excluded green as a suitable color for the bedroom and fluctuated between a lemon yellow and a lavender tone until I came across Monja's Instagram page, whose bedroom walls in a light olive tone exude a pleasant calm and serenity.

In general, I find it worthwhile to take a look at your site if you are interested in wall colors. Here she also advertises darker colors, such as a dark blue.

Dark colours

Dark blue is currently in vogue - whether it is the right color for the bedroom, however, can be debated.

In general, it can be said that dark blue has a rather cold effect. For people who are more likely to freeze, so may not be the color of choice. In fact, it has been proven that cold colors affect the perceived temperature of a room.

In addition, the dark blue also has a calming effect, which is of course an advantage in the bedroom.

On the other hand, dark colors also absorb a lot of light and quickly appear gloomy and oppressive - so if you decide on a heavy shade, you should think twice about whether to paint the entire room or leave it on one wall for now.

As you can see, there are so many great colors that can be used to beautify your bedroom.

So it becomes clear: Choosing the right color is a matter of type.

The choice of the right color varies from person to person

With this article I wanted to give you some help in choosing the right wall color, but what you ultimately choose is up to you.

  • Because colors have a different effect on everyone and everyone has their own preferences and associations.
  • In general, however, it can be summarized that certain colors have a calming effect and thus promote sleep and are therefore particularly suitable for the bedroom.

Maybe there were a few inspirations and ideas for you, or you were just as surprised as I was how some colors that we would initially reject can then work great on the wall.

So be bold and choose a color that really appeals to you:

  • A compromise will leave you unhappy in the long run. Remember: you have to like the color and not everyone who walks into your home.
  • I wish you a lot of rest and relaxation in your new bedroom and the most important thing: a restful and healthy sleep.

A healthy sleep is the foundation for being awake and active during the day and thus makes up a significant part of our quality of life.

Would you like to learn more about healthy sleep? Feel free to browse further on this page - here you will find everything you need to know about the topic of night rest. From the perfect pillow to the right summer duvet.