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"Celebrities under the palm trees" 2021: Who is the candidate Katy Bähm?

Katy Bähm, that can only be a stage name? Correct! This is what Burak Bildik (28) calls himself when he has turned into the drag queen with great attention to detail. Incidentally, it is said to have come about because of his admiration for Katy Perry and a favorite word ...

How do we know Katy Bähm?

"Queen of Drags" at the end of 2019 (ProSieben): Katy was on the first season of Heidi Klum's casting show, came in 6th and left the first season after the 4th episode.

"Celebrity Big Brother" 2020 (Sat 1): Here the drag queen really mixed everyone up. In doing so, she sometimes turned the audience against her and was kicked out shortly before the final. Katy was accused of bullying and "bitch behavior" by her roommates.

Who is Katy Bähm?

Katy Bähm was born as Burak Bildik on September 4, 1992 in Berlin. His family comes from Turkey. The drag career began with an appearance as Lady Gaga. Fittingly, the trained make-up artist founded a wig company together with his partner Francis.

Katy Bähm privately

“The most beautiful”, as the Queen of the Night calls herself, has announced beautiful news: Bähm got married on Monday! Burak and Francis Walter announced the maximum in love on Instagram.

The yes word should apply as long as 'as I am the name in your tattooed heart' (“Just as long as I'm the name on your tattooed heart”), according to the newly married TV star.

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The viewers learned last summer that this happy ending had also gone through unpleasant times. The dazzling queen had a TV appearance on "Celebrity Big Brother".

Here Bildik reported openly: “I had problems with my family for a long time! I got news that it would be better if I were dead, I would be a shame for the family. "At family celebrations, the parents were even threatened in advance:" If you bring this with you, you don't have to come either. " completely canceled.

Even in this situation, Francis proved to be a great support: “He was very there for me the whole time. His family also welcomed me so well. "

Katy Bähm's show motto

Before the current trash show was broadcast, Bähm showed Kante: “I have a very loose mouth. I can never please everyone. But do I want that? No!"

The two faces of Katy Bähm - will we see the unvarnished truth on Sat.1?