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Draw is a command ability from Final Fantasy VIII, which can be obtained by coupling with a G.F. who has learned this skill. If a character is linked to Draw, the command enables him to withdraw spells and possibly G.F.s from his opponents. If you draw a G.F., you will automatically receive it after a fight has been won, such as Leviathan from the master of Balamb-Garden, Norg. If you draw a spell, you have the choice of either using it immediately or storing it. When stored, the spell is absorbed by the character and goes directly into his or her magic supply. Each spell can be saved a maximum of 100 times and a character can only record a maximum of 32 different types of magic.

The magic value of the respective character is decisive for the success and the intensity of a draw. The higher this is, the more likely it is that this ability will be successfully exercised and the more spells can be withdrawn from an opponent with one blow (maximum nine magic units per draw). In order to increase the magic value, one must have a character with a G.F. pair, which the pairing ability Magic-K has learned and in turn associate this value with a correspondingly strong magic.

Draw points [Edit | Edit source]

Furthermore, so-called draw points are scattered all over the world of Final Fantasy VIII. These represent a kind of "magic well" from which one can also draw magic. Some are continuously replenished with frequent spells, such as Vita, so that you can draw from them several times, and others, with rare types of magic, such as Ultima, can only be used once.

There is also a large number of hidden draw points within the game. If these are in cities, caves or the like, Siren can use their troop ability Divining rod make visible (if this has been learned and coupled). If they are in world mode, you have to look for them with luck, with them on the islands The gate to hell and The gateway to paradise are particularly dense and sprinkled with particularly valuable spells.

In order to be able to use draw points, the character who is to draw must also be linked to the command ability Draw.

Background [edit | Edit source]

When Professor Odyne began studying witches and magic intensely, he discovered the mechanism and interaction that take place between a witch and a spell. In doing so, he found a way to teach people without magical ability how to acquire and use spells through training. This is how the draw system, which is practiced in the Balamb Garden, came about.