Howrah to Panskura Stations of the Cross

Since the 23.2. hangs in the communal room of St. Marien Ahrensburg the way of the cross "7 stations - way of the cross, ways of suffering". The Way of the Cross can be seen when visiting the open church. In 2016 it was made by Klaus Simon for the Catholic Church of St. Michael in Leer. Hermann Lange, one of the 4 Lübeck martyrs, came from Leer. The art of Klaus Simon creates a connection to the communal room in Ahrensburg.

"The story of the Passion continues to our time."

Klaus Simon (July 2016)

"Especially under the pressure of current events (Hanau, etc.) it is really more than important to bring things around our martyrs into conversation and thoughts again and again."
Pastor Dr. Andreas Robben, Leer February 2020

"The" Cross of the Four Lübeck Martyrs "" in the Catholic Church of St. Michael in Leer ... four life paths that lead to a common center. The split, unworked surface emphasizes a life process, nothing is smoothed or embellished. " (Elke Sieksmeyer)

Divine service on February 23, 2020 in St. Marien Ahrensburg

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Sermon impulse

From the ambo:

We struggled with the text of today's gospel. It is not easy for us. He's uncomfortable. It creates resistance in us. We noticed that when we talked about him. The text passage is probably one of those that many of us are familiar with, that we somehow kept track of. Maybe because he challenges us so much, questions our Christianity, our own following, provokes us.

It seems like Jesus is turning the world upside down. The familiar, our actual thinking, the behaviors that appear normal to us are canceled and questioned.

Jesus says:

1 spoken from the banks: You have heard that it was said: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. ...

2: But I say to you: do not resist anyone who harms you.

1: You have heard that it was said: You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.

2: But I say to you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you

From the ambo:

Jesus takes the wind out of our sails and stops our course. The blow that is aimed at us is nowhere.

Jesus preaches: "no violence".

Jesus says: "love".

And he says: “Go with me. Stay by his side. Don't evade. "

In our conversations we asked ourselves how can one obey Jesus' invitation? Our thinking is more like:

1 spoken from the banks: I don't have to put up with that!

2: I have to fight back! That's enough for me now!

1: There has to be justice, we think: "An eye for an eye - a tooth for a tooth."

From the ambo:

The words of today's Gospel, handed down by Jesus, are part of the Sermon on the Mount. We can read a few sentences beforehand. “Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness; because the kingdom of heaven belongs to them. "

Where can we find role models, people who were able to follow Jesus' instruction?

In the church of St. Michael in Leer there is a memorial for the 4 Lübeck martyrs, which was designed by the artist Klaus Simon. The "Cross of the Four Lübeck Martyrs" in the chancel consists of four wooden parts of equal length. In the middle of the cross, each part tapers at a 45 degree angle. The mitres are not closed, but keep an exciting distance. Four life paths become clear that lead to a common center. The split surface emphasizes a life process, nothing is smoothed or embellished.

76 years ago, on November 10, 1943, the four clergymen were executed by guillotine in Hamburg's Holstenglacis prison. The Catholic chaplains Eduard Müller, Johannes Prassek and Hermann Lange and the Protestant pastor Karl Friedrich Stellbrink die every three minutes. They had taken a stand against the crimes of the Nazi regime publicly and with the faithful entrusted to them. In witnessing through their life and death, they have overcome the dividing boundaries of denominations and have become shining examples of real ecumenism. On June 25, 2011, the Catholic chaplains were beatified, the honorable memory goes to all four.

In seven stations at the memorial site in St. Michael in Leer there are pictures from the nights of bombing around 75 years ago in Lübeck, which remind us of the 4 martyrs with a text.

We have hung this Way of the Cross on the walls of our church and want to look at the stations together.

1:(at station 1)

When Lübeck's towers, witnesses of past piety, collapsed, God pleased to build new towers for himself, signs of living faith. In front of many, he chose those whom we honor here.

2: (at station 3)

Johannes Prassek

My heart is ready, oh God, I am ready.

Give me your strength: to overcome and to survive. Amen!

3: (at station 4)

Hermann Lange

Now for me faith will pass into

Look, hope in possession and forever

I will share in Him Who is love!

4: (at station 5)

Eduard Müller

Yes, we would have to shout it out to the world: "Christ recognize your dignity and greatness and don't throw it away!"

5: (at station 6)

Karl Friedrich Stellbrink

Now all waiting has come to an end, the road is finally here

clear again in front of me, and the goal is us Kristen (sic)

yes known. How often have I preached about it; now

it will be reached soon.

From the ambo:

Our Lent will begin in a few days. On this Sunday we remember people who lived Jesus' words. Words from which they have not withdrawn. Words that turn the world, our usual thinking upside down. It is good that we are bothered by the words, that they move something in us, that we can align with them. It is not easy for us.

Songs for worship

Moving in, come here, I'm happy to come in 148

Kyrie My narrow limits, my narrow vision 437

Gloria gloria 168

Intermediate song My soul praises you 859.1

Hallelujah Hallelujah 174.7

Speak creed

Fürbittruf You are with us 855

Preparation of the Gifts O Lord, accept the gifts that we bring 188

Sanctus sanctus 197

Agnus dei When we share life like the daily bread 474

Speak peace

Communion give me the right words

Thanks Lord, our Lord, we are here 414

End and a new morning 703

Hanging of the picture cycle by Klaus Simon, Way of the Cross by St. Michael Leer: Seven Stations - Paths of the Cross, Paths of Suffering in the Communioraum Ahrensburg