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Calls Not Ringing on Motorola Phones: Here's How to Fix it

Many problems can arise in our daily cell phone use. This time we will try Restore the sound of calls in Motorola as several users complained about this issue on the company's official forums. It's complicated as some can fix it just by following the first few steps and others need to try more alternatives.

First of all, we recommend that you take a look at the possible causes and solutions for sound problems in Motorola as it may not just affect more sections Calls on the cell phone . Then we have to test each of the available methods individually, regardless of which model we run them in, since Motorola always uses standard Android in its models, where the menus and options are very similar.


An old Motorola problem with calls

Motorola phones have long encountered a certain bug that affects calls and makes it impossible to do so knows what is calling us although it may affect other audio devices on other models. To solve the problem, the steps are simple. First of all, we recommend that you check if there is another update on the mobile phone that can fix the problem yourself. Check this under Settings> System> Updates.

Then all we have to do is do the following steps without skipping them for it to work:

  • We enter the mobile settings.
  • We go to the Applications section.
  • We enter the area where they are all.
  • We touch the three dots in the upper right corner and select "Show system".
  • Then we look for audio and / or sound effects with the search magnifier.
  • We enter and clear the application cache and additionally force detection.

Do not disturb mode is activated

One option that may prevent calls from ringing is the Android 10's built-in Do Not Disturb mode to Cell Phones. With this option, only a few celebrity contacts will be able to call us or no one will be able to call us unless they repeat the call in a few minutes. The option is very interesting, but it can cause us to walk around a lot until we find it why the calls don't ring Motorola and other smartphones.

To fix this we just need to move the shortcut bar and turn off Do Not Disturb mode, which is usually marked with a moon or a forbidden sign. In case it doesn't show up, we just have to go to Settings> Sound> Do Not Disturb and Disable. If we want to keep using it, we just have to search the contacts for our favorite people and mark them as such to receive their calls with ease.

Change the ringtone

While it may sound strange, a file we use as a ringtone may have disappeared from the phone and result in us not hearing any noise when someone calls us. Fixing the problem is very simple as all we have to do is touch the button under Settings> Sounds Phone ringtone Possibility. Then we will choose one of those that come by default and we will not have this error again.

The last solution was the hard reset

In case the problem is not completely resolved and we cannot hold onto anything else, we will have to opt for the hard reset which will erase everything on the phone. Before that, we need to save our files on another device and make sure it has more than 60% battery to do the following:

  • We turn off the phone in the traditional way.
  • We hold the volume down key and the power key at the same time until the phone vibrates.
  • Using the volume keys, we go to the Recovery Mode option.
  • Press the power button to enter.
  • If you see an Android device with a red exclamation point, press and hold the power key, then tap the volume up key to reveal the menu options.
  • Now we choose delete data / factory reset.
  • We confirm yes.
  • Finally, we choose Reboot System Now.