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Jason Gideon returned to 'Criminal Minds' for the series finale


After 15 seasons and more than 14 years on the air, CBS Criminal thoughts concluded on February 19 with an emotional and poignant final series. Viewers said goodbye to the BAU members and learned more about where Rossi, Spence, J.J., Garcia and Prentiss would end up. The nostalgia of the finale was heightened with flashbacks to previous characters who had previously left the FBI behind.

One of the returning figures was former BAU unit head Jason Gideon. He left the series quite unexpectedly in season 3 following the quick departure of actor Mandy Patinkin (he later referred to the show as his 'biggest public mistake'). Although fans reached his character's finality in season 10 when he was killed off-screen, a younger version of his character played by Boy meets world Alum Ben Savage returned to the series finale.

Gideon's spirit, reminiscent of the investigator in his early career, led Rossi to advise on a case. The return of character - although unconventional - led to another conclusion during the finale.

How did Gideon die? Criminal thoughts ? Read on to learn more about Gideon's fate and how the show brought back a younger version of itself to help the BAU one last time.

How did Gideon die on 'Criminal Minds'?

While it's hard to think of Criminal thoughts Without David Rossi (Joe Mantegna), the character was introduced in season 3 as a dummy replacement for Jason Gideon's exit. When Criminal thoughts began, Mandy Patinkin was the biggest name on the cast list, and he was the show's undeniable star. As head of BAU, he managed the other team members and made the final decisions about the investigation.

Gideon's loyalty to investigating and profiling criminals began to wane when his girlfriend Sarah Jacobs (Moira Squier) was murdered by serial killer Frank Breitkopf in the season two finale. The couple had been together since the end of the show's first season, but they had known each other since childhood.

Sarah's death, of course, left Gideon shaken, and he felt guilty about the fact that she was murdered by someone the BAU was investigating.

In the season three premiere, 'Doubt', Gideon hid in a cabin to reflect on his life choices. While investigating another case, Gideon's decision to release a stranger leads to her death and the death of another young woman. He decided to leave the BAU, which Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) discovers when he goes to Gideon's cabin and finds his gun and a note.

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Gideon wrote that his work and Sarah's death made him lose faith in a happy ending.

While the public finally learned in 2012 that Gideon really got out that quick because Mandy didn't like being on the show, rumors raged for years that the character was going to be making a comeback down the line in some ways. That hope was dashed in season 10 when the remaining BAU members learned that Gideon had been murdered off-screen by another serial killer, Donnie Mallick (Ayre Gross).

The BAU was sent to investigate the death of their former mentor in the heartbreaking episode 'Nelson's Sparrow'. Gideon was found shot dead in the hut he had lived in years ago.

When Gideon was killed, executive producer and co-writer Erica Messer spoke Television program about wanting to give the audience a degree on Gideon's fate.

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"Since it's this character that we haven't seen forever, but we'll see where it started with him, it just felt right to see where it all ends for him ... It felt really good To honor Gideon. We don't kill our heroes very often, ”said Erica.

'All of our fans who have been watching for 10 years, all of us who have been here for 10 years, and the actors who have lived these characters for 10 years - it was like,' Let's give them some real drama, '' she drove away. 'When it comes home it won't get any more real.'

Although Gideon never physically returned to the BAU on his exit to further shut it down, the original character received some sort of dispatch at the series finale.

Gideon returned to the finale of the 'Criminal Minds' series.

Five years after his murder, a young Gideon visits Rossi to advise him on the search for Everett Lynch, aka the Chameleon.

Younger versions of Rossi and Gideon have already appeared on the show. The first time this happened in the episode when Gideon died, and viewers saw how the two had worked together in their early careers. It was even revealed that Gideon named his son after Rossi's middle name: Stephen. Their previous bond helped Rossi break Gideon's death in the present.

During the series finale, the presence of young Gideon with today's Rossi was a first for the series. The flashbacks (which took place when Spencer was in a coma after the explosion in an earlier episode) also showed scenes from Gideon's career at BAU.

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Other previous characters, including Hotchner and Morgan, were also featured in these flashbacks, while the actors themselves did not repeat their roles.