How to calculate the hlb value - Body mass index calculation (formula)

How do you calculate your own body mass index?

Calculate your BMI online now, quickly and free of charge

The body mass index (BMI) can be calculated quickly and easily. You can find one here BMI calculator, which quickly and easily calculates the body mass index from body height and weight:


But even if there is currently no BMI calculator available, it is not difficult to calculate the value yourself. You need your Your height in meters and your weight in kilograms.

example: Let's assume you are 1.60 meters tall and currently weigh 60.0 kilograms. Now first take your size and multiply it by yourself. In our example So calculate 1.60 * 1.60. The result is 2.56. Now divide your weight by this value. In our example, the calculation is accordingly 60.0 kg / 2.56. The result is 23.4. And that is exactly your body mass index.


Let us calculate a second for clarification example. Let's assume you are 2 meters tall and weigh 80.0 kilos. So we calculate 2.00 * 2.00 first. That equates to 4.00. Now we divide the weight by this value (80.0 / 4.00) and get a BMI of 20.00. Now just calculate your own body mass index and use our formula or our calculator.

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