Ashes remain what I became iTunes AAC

.aac not playable in itunes ??

Besides, it is a thousand times better than the integrated one from iTunes.

Such statements always remind me of messing around with Linux because it's supposedly so much better.

I would like some rippers to have a better error correction, but if a CD is unscratched and error-free (like 99.8% of the CDs I've ripped), the music is the same afterwards - whether in Max as Flac or in itunes as Apple saved lossless.

Working with Flac and the Booger software Play on the Mac means giving away a number of nice advantages of the Mac system and investing a lot of additional time for ominous advantages. "A thousand times better" ... that I don't laugh

And yes: I have Max, I have Play, and I've tried storing CDs in Flac and entering them properly. I even checked Flac-by-Max and aapl-by-itunes before I started ripping my 400 CDs. Completely unnecessary cramp for 16-year-olds who absolutely want to do something different to stand in front of their friends as specialists

If you sit on your Mac, Apple lossless is the format of choice. It looks different on the PC.