What does 10wg diamond mean


Diamonds obtained by mining a diamond ore block. For this you need an iron, diamond or netherite pickaxe. Besides netherite, diamonds are the only mineral that is not farmable.

Extraction [edit]

Occurrence [edit]

Diamonds can occasionally be found in the chests of jungle temples, desert temples, end settlements, forts, nether fortresses, mines, bastion ruins, shipwrecks, buried treasures, and village blacksmiths.


Diamond ore is most commonly found at levels 5 to 12. However, diamonds can also be found at levels 1 to 15. If you have mined the diamond ore as a block (with a pickaxe with a delicacy enchantment), you can also get the diamond by melting the ore block in the furnace. However, since you get the item at no additional cost during normal dismantling and a lucky enchantment yields more than one diamond, it is not advisable. In addition, melting brings less experience points.

A diamond block can be broken down into its components (nine diamonds). The process can be repeated as required in both directions without consuming any resources. Diamond blocks can be used for decoration or to store diamonds more efficiently.

Use [edit]

Processing [edit]

It is possible to sell a diamond to a villager for an emerald. Diamonds can be used to machine beacons. You will also need diamonds to make the following recipes:


SurnameingredientsAnvil recipe
Repaired diamond toolDiamond tool and
Repair + Rename Diamond Tool 4

Experience costs: 4
Repaired diamond armorDiamond armor and
Repair + Rename Diamond Armor 4

Experience costs: 4

Progress [edit]