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Rachel Berry

Rachel Barbra Berry


Date of birth


Broadway actress
former Glee Club leader
former waitress in the Spotlight Diner


sad little jewish girl (herself)
Rach, A-Rach, babe, hot slutty singer, Kim Kardashian, fire of light, big gold star, Miss Hudson-Berry, my future wife (Finn)
Yentl (Dakota, Becky)

Mrs. Bossypants, Eva Peron, hot mom, babe, that skinny animal-print-holding-ass-kisser (Mercedes)
Boy's Hips (Lauren)
Benedict Arnold, princess, Juliet, doll, slutty Barbie, annoying self-righteous Lima Rachel on steroids, babe sweetie (Kurt)
young lady, Rachel, Mrs. Focker (Sue)
my hot little jewish american princess (puck)
Men's hands, Sweetie, Stoppel, RuPaul, that thing, treasure hunt, Rachel what-was-her-surname again, little Jewish teenager (Quinn)
Barbra Streisand (Sebastian, Suzy)
that brunette (Josh)
Dwarf, Diane Warren, small person, hobbit, gayberry, selfish self-centered lame wannabe diva from hell, housemaid, TV blossom, Yentl the lesbian matchmaker, Berry (Santana)
Miss Sally Bowles (Sandy)
Cookie, sister (April)
Sweetie (terri)
hot thing (holly)
Rachelah, baby girl, our baby (Hiram)
(Little Miss David) swimmer, god-almighty swimmer, troll, the platypus (Cassandra)
Lena Dunham (NYADA student)
hottest girl in school (Jacob)
the jewish girl (Bree)
the little one (Gunther)

Family friends


Personal information


Broadway, Sing, Glee Club


Your voice, ballet, acting


Voice, vocal range, leadership, dancing, Broadway, comforting others, determination


Jealousy, people with more talent, breakups, overconfidence, no solos, dreams not come true, being betrayed


WMHS prom queen
Winner of the NYADA winter show
Tony Award, Best Actress in a Musical

Series information

Rachel Barbra Berry is a graduate of William McKinley High School and the former co-captain of New Directions. She was a student at NYADA in New York and lived until False friends shared a flat with Kurt Hummel and Santana Lopez and was a member of Kurt's band Pamela Lansbury until they were in trio was dissolved.

She was raised by two gay fathers, Leroy Berry and Hiram Berry. Her biological mother is Shelby Corcoran. Rachel is Jewish.

During high school, she had a complicated relationship with Finn Hudson. You do this in Will wants a marriage proposal, which Rachel accepts. The two actually want in On the way get married, postpone the wedding. When the two in Future ahead Graduating from high school, Finn releases her so that she can pursue her dreams in New York. In Is separation the death of love? The two finally separate, even if they are still in love. Rachel is in about Finn's sudden death The quarterback devastated.

In Sweet Dreams and About finding love she applies for the role of "Fanny Brice" in the musical Funny girl. In Tina in the Sky with Diamonds she finally gets the role. In Bashing she decides to leave NYADA to allow time for rehearsals Funny girl to have. After a few weeks of playing on Broadway, she decides in Plan Bto start a career in television, which is why she ended up with The untitled Rachel Berry project going to Los Angeles.

Since her television series is a flop, she returns to Lima in season six and revives the Glee Club. At the end of the season, it goes back to NYADA. A successful Broadway actress in 2020, she is married to Jesse and has a child for Kurt and Blaine.

She is from Lea Michele shown.


Season one

Rachel makes her first appearance in the first episode, overture. She is responsible for the former Glee director, Sandy Ryerson, was fired after denouncing him to the headmaster for indecent touching another student. Actually, she only did that because Sandy gave the solo Rachel wanted to sing to someone else.

When Will Schuester takes over the Glee Club, she applies with the song On my own from the musical "Les Misérables" with him, and then she immediately asks when they will start rehearsing. She's not happy with the rehearsals since Will Artie, the boy in a wheelchair, is the male lead singer Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat has chosen and irony in her opinion

has lost nothing to a school choir. She also finds that the other members cannot keep up with her talent. After school, Will goes to her and she tells him that she still wants to achieve something during her school days. She thought that when you are part of something special, you are special yourself, but she doesn't want to waste her time on glee unnecessarily. So she asks Will to find a male singer for the Glee Club who can keep up with her voice. The first time she hears Finn Hudson sing, she immediately feels drawn to him. When they go to rehearsals for Vocal Adrenaline, she tells him that he is talented because she is talented too. She also mentions that everyone thinks they're going to be a couple now. But it is a swipe for her when Finn replies that he is already with Quinn Fabray.

Rachel, like the others, is not happy that Will wants to leave her, but then she takes over the management of the Glee Club herself and asks Finn the next day why he was not at the rehearsals today. When Quinn comes by and asks what they're talking about, Rachel says it's about a science project. When Finn comes back the next day with Artie, she is fighting with the other members about the choreography. Finally she gets for Don't Stop Believin ' assigned the task of the choreographer and that of the female lead singer.

In Beyond Gut and Sue Rachel starts a more active variant to win Finn over. Before that, she tried to throw up because she wanted to be slimmer and more beautiful than Quinn. Emma gives her a talk about bulimia, but also some tips on how to get a boy's attention. Then Rachel and Finn used the printer that only the Cheerios are allowed to use. However, there is still a warning. Rachel continues her project and tries everything to get Finn's attention, she even joins the Celibacy Club, of which Quinn is also president. When she makes it clear that girls want sex as badly as boys, Finn is off

impressed. Because the Glee Kids weren't very enthusiastic about the song Le freak that they should sing in front of all the students, Rachel convinces the group of the very offensive song Push it. Not only did she get the Glee Kids into a conflict with Figgins and Will, but Quinn joined the Glee Club with Santana and Brittany after this gig to keep Finn away from Rachel.

While Rachel is practicing singing with Finn, she has also prepared a romantic picnic for the two of them, resulting in the two kissing for the first time. But then Finn leaves the room in a hurry and leaves the offended Rachel with the request not to tell anyone about it.

In Acafellas Quinn and Santana convince Rachel that Will is a bad choreographer and Rachel approaches him and that - also on the advice of Quinn and Santana - they prefer Dakota Stanley as a choreographer. Rachel later bakes Will's apology cookies, but he's too busy with his band to worry about New Directions. Finn blames Rachel for the fact that Will no longer shows up for rehearsals and the two fight violently, but Rachel still wants to get Dakota herself when Finn threatens to get off at Glee's.

Rachel and Tina try to convince Mercedes that Kurt is gay. Later at the car wash, where the Glee kids collect money for Dakota, Mercedes says that Kurt is in love with Rachel and he finally lies and says he has been in love with Rachel for years, even though he wasn't looking at her.

When Dakota is at the rehearsal and insults everyone and says Rachel needs a nose job, she uses Barbara Streisand as an example that you don't need a nose job to be successful. That's why Dakota fires her.

In Children of lies Rachel is angry because Will not her, but Tina did the solo by Tonight out West Side Story gives. Will explains to Rachel that he also wants to make the other members of the Glee Club feel that they are good and thereby strengthen them for the Regionals. She is upset that in order to empower others he is hurting her. Sue learns of Rachel's anger and then blackmails Rector Figgins so that he can take on the former Glee director Sandy Ryerson as the new musical director. Sue teams up with Sandy and does the casting for the school musical with him Cabaret. Rachel notices immediately after her application Taking Chances the main role. When she still doesn't get the solo at Glee, she finally quits the Glee Club and only wants to devote herself to the musical.

In April April Rachel is interviewed by Jacob, who asks her to undress. Jacob threatens to write bad things about Rachel on his online blog, popular with WMHS students. Sandy is no longer so enthusiastic about Rachel's talent. He criticizes and insults her all the time, saying that he could sing it better. April Rhodes that

Will accepted into the Glee Club to find a decent replacement for Rachel, shows some interest in Finn, which makes Rachel angry. Finn then tries to convince Rachel to come back to the Glee Club, partly because of her talent, but also because he misses her. The two go to bowling and kiss there too. Finn manages to convince Rachel to come back to Glee, but when she finds out that Quinn