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How to cook mushrooms in a slow cooker

Mushrooms are one of the indispensable products in cooking, especially in the slow cooker. Each species is characterized by its unique smell and original taste.

Mushrooms are considered versatile mushrooms because they are great combined with vegetables, chicken, fish and red meat. With their help in a slow cooker, you can create delicious casseroles, stews, soups, sauces, fried and baked plates.

Mushrooms in cream in a slow cooker
ingredientsnumber of
fresh mushrooms -920-950 g
Onions -2 big heads
Sour Cream, Better Than Low Fat -190-210 g
Oils -a couple of tbsp.
sifted flour -15 g
Salt -taste
Spices -by request
Cooking time: 50 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 49 Kcal

Step-by-step recipe:

  1. Mushrooms eliminate the obvious pollution, cut off the dark sections on the legs. Send them to a colander, wash them under running water. Leave for a few minutes to leave any excess liquid glass;
  2. Grind mushrooms arbitrarily, most importantly, not too thick;
  3. Season the bottom of the multicooker bowl with a little vegetable fat and send the prepared mushrooms there;
  4. Set the “Bake” or “Braise” mode. Time on the timer - 20-25 minutes. Leave the lid open to allow the moisture released by the products to evaporate;
  5. Stir the contents of the bowl several times while toasting;
  6. Remove the skin from the onions, chop small pieces;
  7. When the specified time is up, add the chopped onion to the semi-finished product, add a little salt, add spices. 10 minutes of extinguishing under the closed lid will be enough;
  8. Add sour cream to the onion and mushroom mixture, knead well, cook for another 7-9 minutes;
  9. If the sauce turns out to be too runny, then in 3-4 minutes. until that happens, it is worth disturbing the food.

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Mushrooms with rice and steamed vegetables


  • 400-420 g of a mixture of vegetables “Mexican” (you can substitute the same fresh one);
  • Rice - 1 dimensional st .;
  • Water - two-dimensional St.;
  • Mushrooms (champignons) - a pound;
  • Carrots and onions;
  • some oil;
  • Spices, salt - to taste.

Takes about 60-70 minutes.

Calorie content: 104 kcal - 100 g.


  1. Peel, rinse and finely chop onions and carrots;
  2. The pollution is removed from the mushrooms, quickly poured water over them, dried. Loops in the form of plates, 1.5-2 mm thick;
  3. Install the program “Bake”, the capacity of the multicooker, which we coat with oil, dip in it chopped fresh vegetables, heat for 13-16 minutes;
  4. Then we send the crushed mushrooms, mix them. Continue cooking for at least 10 more;
  5. In a deep bowl, pour the rice, carefully washed repeatedly to ensure the transparency of the water. Pour into the bowl of the multicooker for roasting vegetables and mushrooms. Season, add a little salt. Pour water and mix.
  6. We change the mode to “Pilaf”, set the time - 30-35 minutes. Close the lid.

Mushroom soup


  • purified water (broth) - 1.2-1.5 l;
  • 8-10 large mushrooms;
  • medium-sized potatoes - 2 pieces;
  • small onion and carrot;
  • Favorite greens;
  • a handful of “mussels” pasta;
  • 7-9 ml of oil;
  • Table salt.

Takes about 65-70 minutes.

Calorie content: 45 kcal - 100 g.

Recipe for mushroom soup in a slow cooker step by step:

  1. All vegetables are stripped of the top layer, washed and finely chopped;
  2. We remove the mushroom hats from the skins, remove the feet from the dirt, carefully rinse them and chop everything into thin slices;
  3. “Frying” - the necessary mode of the multicooker. Wipe the inside of the cup with oil;
  4. We send chopped onion and shredded mushrooms there, we ferment for 15 minutes;
  5. Then chopped carrots and potatoes are dipped in the onion and mushroom roast. Fill with water or broth;
  6. Now the desired program is “Soup” and the time on the timer is about 40 minutes;
  7. Greens are washed, chopped and added to the soup for 5 minutes. before the signal, along with the “bowls”, also salt;
  8. Change the mode of the multicooker again. Select “Heated”, Time - 10 min.

Filled mushroom chicken hats

What you need:

  • 13-15 mushrooms with large hats;
  • Chicken fillet - 170-190 g;
  • the pear is average;
  • Dutch or Russian cheese - 85 g;
  • Sour cream (mayonnaise can be taken) 15% - 25-30 g;
  • Vegetable oil, spices, salt;
  • Water - ¼ st.

Takes about 60-70 minutes.

Calorie content: 97 kcal - 100 g.

Levels of chicken stuffing mushrooms in a multicooker

  1. Chicken breasts should be cooked beforehand, it will take 15-20 minutes. It is not possible to salt while cooking in order to preserve the juiciness.
  2. Chop off the onions, wash my vegetables and finely chop;
  3. We cook the boiled chicken in small fibers, it is convenient to do this with a fork;
  4. Mushrooms lightly washed. Carefully cut off the legs of the caps so as not to disturb the integrity of the latter;
  5. Cut the mushroom legs into small cubes. Remove the elastic shell from the caps;
  6. Peeled mushroom caps are placed on a table, cutting board, or flat bowl. The main thing - holes;
  7. Select the "Fry" command, the bottom of the bowl that we will coat with oil. We send there the crushed legs of mushrooms and an onion. Cook for about 15-18 minutes, stirring occasionally;
  8. Add the cut chicken to the onion and mushroom mixture, season with salt, pepper and mix well. Let it clear for 5 to 7 minutes;
  9. Meanwhile, the inside of the caps is coated with a thin layer of sour cream;
  10. Each mushroom “capacity” fills the resulting minced meat, small chutes;
  11. We wash the bowl from the previous boiling, add a little oil and put the stuffed mushrooms there;
  12. With the lid closed in “Multipovar” mode, let the dish stand for 20-25 minutes.
  13. Hard cheese ground grated;
  14. When the time is up, add some water to the bowl and add grated cheese to each serving. Prepare with the same program for another 10-15 minutes.

Helpful advice

  • Mushrooms for cooking in a slow cooker can be used not only fresh, but also frozen;
  • During cooking, you can add a variety of spices, garlic, olives, cheese, celery. These ingredients will help achieve the perfection of taste;
  • You can easily turn a liquid first course into a delicate creamy soup with mushrooms. It is necessary to use a little less water when cooking, and then a hand blender will help achieve uniformity;
  • in mushroom soup instead of pasta, you can add your favorite cereal.

The main thing was to taste!