What does farmer in the valley mean

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The Örlerhof is in the family for centuries. It has been passed on from generation to generation and is allowed to grow Hereditary farm since 1984 call.

Our farm is a "closed" farm. This means that the farm must not be divided and can only be inherited as a whole, which prevents the farm from being dismembered. We specialize in the breeding and milk production of the Black Union breed.

Originally only livestock was operated. In the 70s then became the very first holiday guests welcomed at the Örlerhof. At that time, our farm was one of the first farms in Casies to offer holiday apartments for guests.

1994 took place in the yard Conversion to biogas. Since then we have been self-sufficient in energy and use this for our own production of thermal energy. (So ​​we are energy self-sufficient.)

In year 2000 became the court handed over to today's young farmer Arnold. A lot has changed since then, but one thing has always been retained: the family atmosphere, the warm welcome and the feeling of being warmly welcomed from the very first moment.

2014 a stable became loud new bio guidelines rebuilt. Since then, the animals have enjoyed even more air and light. In addition, an automatic feeding system was installed, as well as a manure removal robot. The animals are clearly enjoying their freedom.

In the year 2009 the yard was up electrical energy generation through photovoltaics converted. 2018 took place the New construction of the Vigeinalm at 2000m above sea level. Last took place 2018-2019 the Renovation and redesign of the Örlerhof with the construction of the 4 new courtyard chalets.