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Villa Belrose St. Tropez - an oasis in paradise

Many friends, acquaintances and readers keep asking me about nice hotels in St. Tropez and the surrounding area. Jochen Radermacher tells me that the Hotel Villa Belrose was renovated and redesigned some time ago and that I should have a look at it. I already knew Villa Belrose and had already [...]

Fantastic holiday destinations - luxury tour operator Jochen Radermacher and his personal favorite places

After several experiences and especially after our last Christmas trip, my husband is very dissatisfied with our travel agency and so I start looking for a tour operator who understands our wishes. I meet Jochen Radermacher. Open, super personable, experienced in his field. I have the feeling that he knows the whole world and knows exactly [...]

Brauksiepe Goldschmiedemanufaktur - a very special selection of impressive earrings

For a long time I haven't worn earrings at all. Today I can't even imagine leaving the house without my earrings. They make the face and eyes shine and conjure up a special shine for the complexion. Big earrings are all the rage. Whether with a simple outfit, such as a white blouse and jeans or with a [...]

Porsche & women

My father worked in the automotive industry and always loved compact and fast cars. Even as a child he preferred to give me Matchbox cars instead of dolls. So I was “infected” at an early age and it became my favorite car brand, Porsche, since childhood. I was interested in the percentage of women among Porsche drivers and what Porsche thinks for women [...]

Hetkamp Mode: The new spring looks - 7 outfits

As already mentioned, I have combined some new spring looks for Hetkamp in Raesfeld, which I would like to introduce to you. A mix of patterns and colors will be popular in the coming months. Leo and red are my favorites! The leo pants with red stripes are from Etro. I also have an oversize cashmere jacket by Emporio Armani and an Etro blouse with [...]

Hetkamp Mode: Long spring coats - the new trend - 3 different styles

Granted, they're not really practical. But so cool! So casual! So chic! Long coats are more trendy than ever. Hetkamp in Raesfeld has a large selection and I was spoiled for choice. I have selected my three favorites for you and for the new fashion journal. The long coat by Etro is tailored [...]

VISPRING: Bedded like Duchess Kate, Paris Hilton and Robbie Williams - unmistakable comfort

It couldn't be more convenient! Nowhere have I been so wonderfully comfortable! I am strolling through IMM Cologne, the annual international furniture fair in Cologne. From the corridor I see a “bar” in which you can put together the contents for your own mattress. I am curious and enter the booth. Mohair, cashmere, horsehair, silk [...]

A seduction in candy design - AIGNER Candice Bag

Love at first sight! She came, saw, and conquered. That means, it is on the shelf, I see it and it happened to me ... Pink, yellow and a pinch of green. With this it-bag in lollipop design you are fashionable way ahead. A real eye-catcher! How to style the bag at the current temperatures, show [...]

Aeance - sportswear conquers stylish everyday life - 3 looks

Some time ago I discovered the label and was fascinated by how high quality and chic sportswear can be. It's an investment. But the design is timeless and yet very stylish. The quality is durable. I would like to show you how high-quality sportswear can also be integrated into everyday looks. Aeance uses only the highest quality functional fabrics [...]

BRAUKSIEPE GOLDSCHMIEDEMANUFAKTUR - Shopping in a special atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle - two jewelry styles

I drive with my husband to the Brauksiepe goldsmith's factory in Essen-Kettwig. No searching for a parking space, no hassle. We receive a warm welcome, are offered a glass of champagne and “drive down”. Away from the hustle and bustle, we enjoy the rural tranquility around the manufactory and let us show us the latest jewelry trends and cufflinks for men. The delicious Berlin bread, the logo cookie [...]

Poncho blanket - cozy, warm, stylish & chic

In winter everything is always so dark and dreary anyway. This poncho blanket is a real mood-enhancer! Cuddly warm. The pattern and fringes are stylish. Due to the beige and taupe tones, this cape blanket looks classy and yet sporty. I feel really good in this part. Simply thrown on and you're done! The poncho is from Laurèl. Unfortunately […]

Brauksiepe Goldschmiedemanufaktur - the heart cross as a symbol of love and a fashionable top accessory - 4 variants

I always enjoy going to Essen-Kettwig in the Meisenburg! The atmosphere in the Brauksiepe goldsmith's factory is special in every season. Surrounded by green, old walls, modern and warm designed. The heart cross is the DNA, the trademark of the Brauksiepe goldsmith manufacture! Master goldsmith and owner Anna Schneider created a symbiosis, heart and cross [...]