No feces on toilet paper when wiping

Can you wipe the glans with toilet paper?

The question is a little intimate and private, but we are here on the internet. I also have a friend who I don't want to ask, and it's not just the case with her. All the women I've been with waste "tons" of toilet paper.

As for the facts: I also have wet wipes. Furthermore, I also have the normal 4-ply toilet paper for the ladies and me at home.

I am aware that the ladies wipe themselves with the toilet paper after using the toilet, which is understandable. But why do you use so much paper?

As an example: Yesterday evening before going to bed there was probably still 2mm (thickness) rolled up toilet paper. Nothing left this morning ?! There were probably 1-2 meters of paper left. What do you take so much for?

As mentioned earlier, it's not just the case with my current girlfriend. It was the case with almost everyone. Every time you go to the toilet, 1-2m of toilet paper is wasted.

Please, ladies, please explain to me please :)