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Lovesick Help - What Really Helps?

Really good idea ... although today is one of those days for me when I think I will break:

-> Write a diary, write everything that goes on in your head, frees your thoughts.

-> write a letter to his / her ex, all the hate and anger, the disappointment, hurt etc can go in there BUT NOT send. Put it in an envelope and put it in a closet or something similar.

-> Talking, talking, talking to friends / acquaintances / relatives in an emergency with therapists or telephone counseling -> That is not a shame, it just shows that your salvation is important to you.

-> homeopathic mood enhancer-> a herb is grown against lovesickness * g * St. John's wort, is also used for depression, but it takes a while to feel an effect (about 2 weeks)

-> eats bananas, fish, eggs -> also stimulate the release of dopamine (= feeling of happiness)

Yes, I can't think of more at the moment.

I wish us all a lot of strength out there!

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